Access your mail anytime, anywhere

Wherever you are, whenever you want, always and everywhere access to your mail via your PC or the PriPost app on your phone. How convenient is that! You never have to miss anything again and all mail items are immediately ready to be processed or archived digitally.

More than 75% of our customers choose to have their mail scanned, because this is the easiest, fastest and most economical option. We scan the mail for small and large companies, freelancers, administrators, lawyers, well-known personalities, digital nomads, and of course also for private individuals. Do you want to receive your mail digitally from now on?

The different scan options

PriPost offers several options for scanning your mail. So choose the option that suits you best! And do you change your mind over time? No problem, you can adjust the setting at any time.

View the 3 options here

scan mail

What are the costs

The cost of scanning is € 0,68 per page. Most letters contain an average of two and sometimes three pages. When an envelope contains a lot of pages, only the first 20 pages are charged.
In order to save on costs, we advise you to have the advertising filtered out free of charge.

For option B and option C, destroying the original, paper document costs €0,44 per envelope. With option A, this is free of charge.
The normal forwarding rates apply to the forwarding of mail.

Do you receive an above-average amount of mail, for example because you are an administrator? Please contact us, because then we can probably offer you a special reduced rate !

Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

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View your post via the PriPost app

When PriPost scans your mail, the PriPost app is actually indispensable for you… So install this app on your smartphone because this way you will receive all your digital mail on your mobile. As soon as a new item has been scanned for you, you will receive a push notification and view your mail with one push of a button. Super handy, especially when you are on the road a lot and don’t want to miss anything!

scan mail

Frequently asked questions

On the right you will find a number of frequently asked questions about our postal services.

Is your question not listed?
Feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any question.

If I choose to destroy the mail, will the scans still be available?2024-01-18T12:55:49+01:00

If you choose scan and destroy (like 70% of our customers), the scans will remain available to you. The physical mail items are destroyed by us, but that does not affect the scans. You can always find these in your inbox as long as the Postbox is active. You can divide the inbox into folders, so you can archive the scans in an orderly manner. You can also drag and drop the scans into the Trash folder where they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

How soon will I see the scan in my inbox?2024-01-18T12:55:25+01:00

If you choose scanning, you will immediately receive an automatic notification when a new scan is ready for you. We scan several times a week so you will always receive the mail quickly.

Which processing is best to choose and which is the cheapest?2024-01-18T12:55:05+01:00

For the average mail recipient, the scan and destroy option is the most cost-effective option. The mail item goes through the scanning line and the physical mail items are destroyed. We maintain a safety margin of 2 weeks, so in the unlikely event that there is mail that does not need to be destroyed, you can always let us know.

What happens to (bank) cards, PIN codes and other important documents if I choose scanning?2024-01-18T12:54:41+01:00

There are certain postal items that are never scanned but are always forwarded. Think of cards, PIN codes but also other official documents. For security reasons, a bank card and PIN code will never be sent on the same day.

Do you also send the scanned mail by e-mail?2024-01-18T12:54:08+01:00

Security is our number 1 priority and not all email providers are equally secure. That is why we upload the scans in the portal, because that is a secure environment. The scans are also stored encrypted for extra security.

You can, however, create ‘smart folders’ in the Inbox to which you link an email address. If you drag a scan into this folder, the document will automatically be sent to that email address.

What do you mean by 1 scan?2024-01-18T12:53:45+01:00

One scan covers one page. If a post item contains multiple pages, a scan is made of each page.

What exactly do you do with my post if I choose scanning?2024-01-18T12:53:21+01:00

As soon as mail arrives for you, we first check whether it contains advertising and whether it should be filtered out (according to your settings). After that, the mail is opened and scanned in the scanning lane in a fully automated way, after which the scans are automatically added to your Postbox. You will then receive a notification that a scan is waiting for you in the Inbox. The mail will then be further processed according to the settings you have chosen (destroy or forward).

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