The PriPost app

How easy is that! You’re on the road and you get a notification on your phone that there’s mail for you. With the push of a button you enter the app and read the letter immediately. Via the app you also immediately indicate that you want to have the letter forwarded, because you also need it physically.

The PriPost app is there for your convenience!

Download the PriPost app

To use the app, simply download it from:

The login details for the app are the same as the login details of the portal. You can therefore log in directly with your already existing account details.

download the PriPost app

What can you do in the app

Below are some examples of what you can do in the app. However, we are constantly working on the development of the app, so new features are regularly added. For example, it is now also possible to top up the balance of your e-wallet via the app.

The inbox

Here you will find all mail items that have been scanned for you. As soon as a new mail item is added to the inbox, you will receive a push notification on your phone. With one press of the button you will go directly to the document.

de inbox van de PriPost app

Pass options

Depending on your settings regarding mail processing, you can indicate via the app what should be done with the mail. For example, you can have a letter physically forwarded or destroyed immediately.

Kies een optie in de app

Read and archive mail

You read the letter in the app and when the mail item is finished, you can archive it or move it to the trash. The app contains the same folders as in the portal, so you can organize everything clearly.

afgeronde brief in de app