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As a PriPost customer, you can easily arrange all your postal matters online in our customer portal: PriPortal. The portal is constantly evolving and we regularly add new functionalities. Everything to make it as easy as possible for you!

What can you do in the PriPortal:

  • You arrange everything related to your mail and Postbox
  • In the Inbox (or via the handy app on your mobile) you can view your digital mail
  • You can view and adjust your data
  • You see and arrange everything related to finances
  • For help, create a support ticket
  • You can request our other Pri services in the portal (PriOffice, PriParcel, PriTelecom)

How does PriPortal work

Frequently asked questions

On the right you will find a number of frequently asked questions about the PriPortal.

Is your question not listed?
Feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any question.

I want to have a letter sent to a PO Box number, how do I enter it?2024-01-18T13:34:15+01:00

If you want to send a letter to a PO Box number, enter the word ”PO Box” in the ”street name” field. You can use the “house number” field to enter the PO Box number.

How can I have a letter sent by you?2024-01-18T13:34:00+01:00

You can send letters in the portal at the Outbox. Here you can provide us with all the information we need to send the letter for you.

The direct debit has failed, what happens now ?2024-01-18T13:33:39+01:00

If the direct debit is not successful, the direct debit authorization will be revoked and blocked for a period of 3 months. During this period, you will have to ensure that you have sufficient positive balance in the e-wallet. After the period of 3 months, you can issue a new direct debit authorization.

How do I set up the direct debit?2024-01-18T13:33:11+01:00

You can easily set up direct debit yourself in the portal under My account > Financial > Direct debit details. By paying €0,01 cents we verify your bank account. You can cancel the direct debit authorization at any time.

How do I know if there is mail for me?2024-01-18T13:32:51+01:00

When you have chosen scanning, you will automatically receive a notification that a new scan is ready for you. If you have chosen forwarding, you will only receive a notification on the day that we will forward mail to you.

If I move mail items to the trash, what happens to them?2024-01-18T13:32:29+01:00

If you move mail items to the trash, they will remain there for another 30 days. If you accidentally move something to the trash, you can easily put it back in another folder. You can also choose to empty the trash immediately. If you do this, then the post is really completely deleted. Sometimes you have to refresh your screen to see this.

If I archive mail items, what happens to them?2024-01-18T13:31:51+01:00

You have multiple folders at your disposal in the portal’s inbox, and you can also create your own. Once you have seen and processed the post, you can move the documents to the archive folder or to another folder. Here, the post will simply be saved for you. Only when documents are moved to the trash are they permanently deleted after 30 days.

My email address doesn’t work anymore and now I can’t access the portal, what should I do?2024-01-18T13:31:14+01:00

At PriPost we work entirely digitally and all communication runs through the e-mail address that we have from you. If the e-mail address no longer works or you no longer have access to it, it is important to let us know as soon as possible. To do so, please contact us by phone and have your ID ready so that we can verify that it is really you.

I can no longer login to the portal, what should I do?2024-01-18T13:30:48+01:00

It’s important to know why you can’t login anymore. In most cases, this is because you enter the password and/or username incorrectly. You can request the username from us, you can reset the password. To do this, go to the login screen and click on ‘forgot username’ and/or ‘forgot password’.

Where can I find the rental agreement in the portal?2024-01-18T13:30:26+01:00

The Rental Agreement Postal Address can be found on the PriPost dashboard. Please note; it will only be available when the Postbox is fully active. Also, the rental agreement is only available to business customers.

Do you need a rental agreement and are you currently using a private account? No problem, we can easily convert this for you. To do this, please create a support ticket in the portal.

How can I change my forwarding address?2024-01-18T13:29:20+01:00

You can easily do this yourself in the portal under My account > Addresses. Here you can see all the addresses we currently have from you and you can add a new address and choose which address should be your Forwarding address.

When do I choose the location where I want to receive my mail?2024-01-18T13:27:34+01:00

You first request the Postbox and only then do you choose the location where you want to receive mail. You do this in the portal when setting up your Postbox, at the same time as specifying your choices regarding mail processing.

I want to apply for PriPost to be able to use PriOffice, how do I do that?2024-01-18T13:27:17+01:00

If you want to use the PriOffice service, you can apply for it in the portal, you do not have to apply for the PriPost service first. As a new customer, the PriPost service will be added automatically when you apply for PriOffice.

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