Postal addresses and (digital) mail processing

  • Receive your mail physically or digitally
  • Suitable as Chamber of Commerce postal address
  • A professional look for your company
  • Available immediately, cancellable monthly

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Experience more convenience by using our Postbox

You are a flexible working entrepreneur, a freelancer or perhaps just a private individual. You are regularly on the road, so you arrange many things online and ‘on the go’. Wouldn’t it be very useful if you could also view your mail online and process it right away?

Our Postbox is the solution. Access your mail anytime, anywhere. Safe in your own, online environment.

PriPost’s postal services at a glance

PriPost’s Postbox includes various postal services, such as; scan mail, forward mail, store mail and send mail.

Want to know how the Postbox works?
You can read that here.


As soon as we receive mail for you, we first scan the envelope or directly the contents. This depends on your wishes. You can read the mail in your secure online environment or via the handy app.


We collect the mail that arrives for you and forward it in a large envelope with the frequency of your choice. For example, once a week, every other week, or every day. To any address worldwide.


Temporarily no opportunity to receive mail? We receive and store your mail for as long as you want. As soon as you are ready to receive the mail, indicate this and we will forward everything in a large envelope.


Not able to send a letter yourself, for example because you don’t have a printer, or because you’re abroad? We print and send your letter, to any address and at exactly the right time.

More privacy and peace of mind…

Always leaving your address everywhere entails risks. Especially as an entrepreneur when your address is in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. From now on, communicate your Postbox address and keep business and private separate. This way you have more privacy and above all peace of mind…

Why choose a
Postbox from PriPost?

Your data is safe

Mail is very personal and often contains confidential information. That is why we do everything we can to make the online customer portal (PriPortal) as safe as possible, so that your data is safe.

We take the security of your data very seriously, do you?

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The PriPost team

It is our aim to give you the best possible personal service, so that you can view your confidential mail anywhere and anytime with peace of mind.

We believe it is essential that you can rely on the company that receives and processes your mail. And being easily accessible is the basis of trust and pleasant business. So do you have a question or do you want advice about something? We’re here to help!