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Looking for a postal address?

PriPost is the number 1 mail processor. For over 10 years, thousands of customers worldwide have experienced the convenience of our Postbox.

  • Representative (office) addresses
  • We forward the mail to you physically or digitally
  • You can easily arrange everything online in the PriPortal
  • Readily available, without long contracts

For € 5,50 per month a Postbox!

How does it work?
Business postal address

Business postal address

With a business postal address you make a professional impression. And you avoid having to give your private address to business relations every time, which does entails a risk. Have your business mail delivered to our address, in your own Postbox. And also use the address as a postal address for the Chamber of Commerce. From now on, you will receive the mail digitally, so that you can look at it online. Or physically, collected and forwarded with a frequency of your preference. With our Postbox you decide how you want to receive your business mail.

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P.O. box alternative

With our alternative to the, you can have the mail scanned and view it online in your secure customer portal (PriPortal). This way you know exactly what is coming in, while you use our cheap mailbox for business or private. No high cost, because on top of the monthly amount you pay a small amount per scan that we do for you. And we filter out advertising for you for free, so that you are no longer bothered by it.

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P.O. box alternative


We give you a personal service so that you can receive your mail anytime and anywhere!

When using an alternative postal address, it is essential that you can rely on the company that receives and processes your mail. After all, mail is very personal and often contains confidential information. Then isn’t it very nice that you immediately get a friendly and correct answer when you have a question about your post? We’re here for you!

About us

Receive mail digitally

Digital mailbox wanted? With our Postbox you can now receive your mail digitally. Simply by logging in and viewing your post online. Immediately the same day and according to your preferences. With a postal address that you can use for business or private purposes. PriPost is your post scanner, so you now have a digital mailbox. A Postbox, with which you never have to change your postal address again. And so that you as an entrepreneur simply view your mail digitally. Or to log in privately from the other side of the world, for example if you are on a great trip around the world.

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Postal address
anonymous postal address

Receive mail anonymously

Need an anonymous postal address? The easiest way to shield your personal information. And important, because even sharing your address carries all kinds of risks. More and more people are dealing with identity fraud, doxing, credit card fraud and hacked websites. Very annoying, especially if your address and other personal details end up on the street.

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Secure login to the PriPortal

Mail is very personal and often contains confidential information. That’s why we do everything we can to make the online customer portal (PriPortal) as secure as possible, so that your data is safe. Of course, our IT people play a major role in this, but so do you! After all, you’re the one who logs in to access the PriPortal. To do that extra safely, we ask you to take an extra security step in addition to a username and password. You can choose from the three different methods.

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