A CoC address

Are you looking for a Chamber of Commerce address so that you don’t have to use your private address for that? PriPost offers a Chamber of Commerce address, also known as a correspondence address, that you can use in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

When registering your company in the Trade Register, the Chamber of Commerce asks for two addresses: a business address (also called a visiting address) and a correspondence address. These can be two different addresses, or both the same address. Below we explain the differences.

A correspondence address

PriPost provides a correspondence address; a (business) postal address. This is the address at which your relations, and for example also the Chamber of Commerce and the tax authorities, can reach you by post.

A business address

This is the address where your company is registered and where visitors to your company can go. So this can only be a physical address where people can really go to. The address of PriPost cannot be used for this . Our PriOffice service does offer a business address that you can read more about at the bottom of this page.

If your sole proprietorship is registered at your private address, you would of course prefer to protect it. If you provide an alternative correspondence address to the Chamber of Commerce, for example your Postbox address, the Chamber of Commerce will protect your private address . Others will only see your postal address and therefore no longer your home address!

Do you want to change your postal address at the CoC in your Postbox address?
The page ‘Change postal address CoC‘ tells you exactly how and where to do this. This way you can be sure that you arrange everything correctly at once!

The advantages of a Chamber of Commerce address

Why a postal address of PriPost as a CoC address?
Below we list some of the main benefits:

Shield private address

Keep your home address private, a comforting thought and more privacy.

Professional presentation

Give your company a business appearance with a representative office address.

The lowest monthly costs

Little to no mail? Avoid unnecessary costs, pay only what you use.

Your mail now digital

Never miss mail again, wherever you are, and instantly archive everything digitally.

Do you want to change your postal address at the CoC in your Postbox address?

Click on the button below for more information on how to do that. This way you can be sure that you arrange everything correctly at once.

Not a sole proprietorship, but do want to protect your address?

Do you not have a sole proprietorship, but for example a BV, a Vof or a Foundation? Then your business address is easy to find out by everyone. So when your business address is your private address, that address is unfortunately no longer so private… The only way to protect your address is with an alternative business address.

Chamber of Commerce address PriOffice business address

An alternative business address for your company

Do you not want to establish your company at your home address, because you prefer to keep it private? Our PriOffice service offers the perfect solution for this. PriOffice has 12 offices in the Netherlands that can be used as a Chamber of Commerce business address. These are representative offices where you can also work and meet, so that you comply with the rules of the Chamber of Commerce. In this way you have separated business and private life and you also give your company a professional appearance.

Frequently asked questions

On the right you will find a number of frequently asked questions about the Postbox.

Is your question not listed?
Feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any question.

Is a Postbox anonymous?2024-01-17T22:41:13+01:00

The Postbox is anonymous to the sender of the mail, because the sender does not see your private address but the address of the Postbox. If you want to be completely anonymous, you can add an alias as the addressee, so that the mail can be sent to this name.

What documents do I need to apply for the Postbox for business?2024-01-17T22:40:00+01:00

For a business application, we need the details of your company, including the address details and the Chamber of Commerce number (if it is a company that is yet to be established, we do not need a Chamber of Commerce number). In addition, we ask you to fill in a UBO statement and you will go through the ID verification. More information about the UBO statement and ID verification can be found here.

The Chamber of Commerce asks for a declaration of consent/rental agreement for the use of the correspondence address, can you provide this?2024-01-17T22:39:25+01:00

If you apply for the Postbox for business, we will provide you with a Rental Agreement Postal Address after completing the application, which you can use to change the address at the Chamber of Commerce. You can find the rental agreement in the portal once the ID verification procedure has been completed.

Can I use this service even if my company has yet to be set up?2024-01-17T22:38:04+01:00

You certainly can! If you have yet to set up your company, you can already use our service, you can then provide the correct correspondence address immediately upon incorporation and ensure that your private address is not visible in the Chamber of Commerce register. It’s that easy!

Can I also use the postal address for Google maps/reviews?2024-01-17T22:37:19+01:00

Google uses the business address for Reviews and Maps, and a postal address isn’t enough for them. Do you not want customers to see your private address and do you want to use Google reviews and Maps? Perhaps a business address via our PriOffice service is something for you. You can find more information about it here.

How do I change my correspondence address at the Chamber of Commerce?2024-01-17T22:36:47+01:00

We have made a manual for you so that changing the correspondence address is done in no time. You can find the manual here.

How can I protect my private address in the register of the Chamber of Commerce?2024-01-17T22:36:00+01:00

We have made a manual for you so that changing the correspondence address and protecting your private address is done in no time. The Chamber of Commerce usually needs a few working days to change the address and shield the private address. You can find the manual here.

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