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Simply receive your mail physically by mail, wherever you are in the world. Collected and forwarded in a large envelope, so you save on costs. Our mail forwarding service is used by about 25% of our customers and we now forward mail to 118 countries. The other 75% opt for scanning, but even then there are sometimes documents that we still have to forward.

When forwarding mail, you choose the frequency yourself, for example once a week, so that you keep the costs under control. And if there is no mail for you, then of course you do not pay any forwarding costs.

The benefits of
Forward mail

Flexible forwarding address

We forward the mail to the address of your choice, anywhere in the world. And do you change places? No problem! You only have to provide us with the new forwarding address.

Advantageously collected

We put all the mail we receive in a large envelope so that we forward it to you as one shipment. So it doesn’t matter how many envelopes are in it, as long as it fits through the mailbox.

Choice of forwarding method

The most economical option is forwarding with regular mail. You have more certainty (and a tracking code) with registered mail. When forwarding as a package, you can also use a pick-up point.

With or rather without advertising

Advertising can be fun, but also very annoying, especially if the costs are higher as a result. If you want, we can filter out addressed advertising for you and we also do that for free!

Forward mail

What are the costs

The costs of a national shipment (within the Netherlands) are € 7,95 ex VAT and the costs of an international shipment are € 13,50 ex VAT. It does not matter how many envelopes are in that shipment, as long as it fits through the mailbox.

Would you rather have the mail forwarded by registered mail? Take a look at our rates page for an overview of all possible rates .

Also digital

Do you want to receive the mail (also) digitally from now on? This is possible with our scanning service.

It can be advantageous to first receive all mail digitally and then have everything physically forwarded once a month. This way you can reduce the frequency of physical forwarding, which saves you on costs. And so you also have direct access to your mail!

Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

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Frequently asked questions

On the right you will find a number of frequently asked questions about our postal services.

Is your question not listed?
Feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any question.

If you forward my mail, how long will it take before I receive the mail?2024-01-18T12:59:12+01:00

If you choose to have your mail forwarded we are also dependent on PostNL, because they are the ones who deliver the mail. Nowadays, unfortunately, we can no longer assume that this is always within one working day, as PostNL indicates, but it can take a number of working days. You will receive a notification from us when we have put the mail item in the mailbox.

Can I change my forwarding address?2024-01-18T12:58:52+01:00

You can easily change the forwarding address yourself in the portal. Please note; This always doesn’t take effect until the next day.

Do you filter advertising from my post?2024-01-18T12:58:31+01:00

We offer the option to filter addressed advertising from the post free of charge. You can easily indicate this in the portal.

Can I also determine per mail item how it should be processed?2024-01-18T12:58:14+01:00

That’s possible! In that case, choose ‘Scanning’ and then ‘Scan the envelope first’. You then decide what to do with that envelope; forward unopened, scan, or destroy.

Can you also forward the mail to a PostNL point?2024-01-18T12:57:48+01:00

Regular mail cannot be received at a PostNL point. It is only possible to receive parcels via a PostNL point. You can, however, have your mail forwarded as a parcel and then choose a PostNL point.

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