Storing mail is almost non-existent

Honestly… Our mail retention service is not used much today. Why not? Because most people prefer to have their mail scanned. That way you have immediate access to your mail, no matter where you are.

Would you rather have your mail stored, so that you can receive it at a later time? Then our mail retention service is the ideal solution.

Do you also want to have packages stored? This is possible via our service PriParcel.

This is how our mail retention service works

To use our mail retention service, you must first apply for a Postbox. You pass on your new postal address to the relations and authorities from whom you receive mail, so that they will send the mail there from now on.

Because you get a new postal address with our Postbox, our service is really intended for the long term and not for a few weeks. Do you only want to use our service for a short period of time? Then you can solve this by temporarily using the forwarding service of PostNL, so that you do not have to change your address. Keep in mind that there are costs associated with that service.

Our mail retention service arranged in a few steps

store mail

Are you not yet a customer with us and do you want to use our mail retention service? That's possible! In a few simple steps we can store your mail.

  1. Apply for the Postbox
  2. Choose as setting: Mail forwarding, on demand
  3. As soon as we receive mail, you will receive a message from us that we are storing mail for you
  4. Only after 30 days will you be charged a storage fee (€ 0.05 per mail item, per day)
  5. You will regularly receive a reminder that we store mail for you, so that the costs do not increase unnecessarily
  6. Are you ready to receive your mail? Indicate this via the portal and we will forward all mail, collected in a large envelope, to you at the time of your choice and to your chosen address.

The benefits of storing mail

Store mail for as long as you want

Store for a few weeks? Or even a few months? We store your mail for as long as you want. Only when you indicate it, we will forward the mail to you.

Forward to any address

Have you decided to stay somewhere longer and would you like to receive your mail there? No problem. We forward the mail to any address worldwide.

The first 30 days FREE

We like to keep the costs as low as possible and that is why the first 30 days of storage are FREE. After 30 days, the costs are € 0,05 per item per day.

Long-term solution

With a Postbox you have a solution for every holiday, every move, every situation. You can change how we process your mail at any time.