A Postbox gives you privacy and convenience

A Postbox is nothing more and nothing less than an alternative postal address. Just like a P.O. box, but smarter, and a lot cheaper.

We have several representative addresses in the Netherlands for you to choose from. You communicate that address to all your relations and the companies from whom you receive mail, so that they send the mail there from now on.

We ensure that that mail ends up with you, in the way you wish. For example, by scanning the mail so that you can view it in the app. Or by forwarding the mail collected, with the frequency of your choice. Of course without unwanted advertising, because we filter it out for you free of charge. Picking up mail from a locker is therefore no longer necessary, as that is very old-fashioned…:-)

The advantages of a Postbox

Why should you choose a Postbox as your postal address?
Below we list some of the main benefits:

Always have access to your mail

You decide how you receive your mail, physically or digitally. It doesn’t matter where you are, because we make sure that the mail ends up with you.

Never change your postal address again

Do you not (yet) have a permanent place to live or do you perhaps have several and do you travel around often? With a Postbox, your postal address always remains the same.

A professional look

In your Postbox we receive your business and private mail. And you can also pass on the address to the Chamber of Commerce as a business postal address.

Pay only for what you use

Only pay for the mail we actually receive and process for you. So no expensive subscription but the lowest fixed costs per month!

How does a Postbox work

We receive your mail and you decide how we process it for you. Scanning is the most common, but forwarding is also possible.

More information about how our Postbox works?

Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

Tell us your wishes and discover:

Frequently asked questions

On the right you will find a number of frequently asked questions about the Postbox.

Is your question not listed?
Feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any question.

Can I use this postal address to register a car in my name?2024-01-17T22:19:07+01:00

You can only register a car at a home address; unfortunately you cannot register a car in your name without a home address. It is therefore not possible to use a postal address for this.

Can I use this postal address to register with the municipality2024-01-17T22:17:40+01:00

Unfortunately, that is not possible, you can use the postal address to receive mail, but you can never register with the municipality at a postal address. The municipality can provide you with a ‘briefadres’. You can do this at the municipality where you want to be registered. You can then apply for a Postbox just for your mail.

How long does it take before I can use the postal address?2024-01-17T22:10:17+01:00

You can apply for the Postbox quickly and easily. In most cases, you will have access to your new postal address within a few minutes.

What information do you need from me to apply for the Postbox?2024-01-17T21:51:22+01:00

To apply for the Postbox, we need your personal data and verify your ID. If you apply for the Postbox for business, we will also ask you to fill in a UBO statement and we will need your company details. More information about ID verification and the UBO statement can be found here.

What is the difference between our Postbox and a P.O. Box?2024-01-17T20:21:29+01:00

The big difference between a PO Box and our Postbox is that you don’t have to pick up the mail yourself. We process the mail digitally by scanning it or we forward the mail to you. In addition, the costs are also a big difference. Someone who receives an average amount of mail will find it much cheaper to have a Postbox. We also have fixed, representative office locations throughout the Netherlands, so you don’t have the problem of your mailbox being moved all the time.

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