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Rent a postal address, why and how

Renting a postal address is something that is being done by more and more people today. But why?
There are many reasons, but for convenience we make a subdivision into individuals and companies.

A postal address for private individuals

Protection of personal data is a common reason for private individuals to rent a postal address. If you are very active online but do not want to leave your private address everywhere, an alternative address offers a solution. Another reason is convenience, for example when you order many products. You can have the packages sent to your postal address, instead of to your home address. That means you don’t have to be home all the time and that saves a lot of hassle. For people who travel a lot, an alternative postal address also offers a solution. The mail can be scanned so that you receive everything digitally and never miss anything again.

Mail forwarded to any addressA postal address for companies

Renting a postal address has been known by companies for much longer. Previously the traditional P.O. box from PostNL was often used for this, but luckily there is nowadays a cheaper and more practical alternative.

The main reason for small entrepreneurs or self-employed people to rent a postal address is to separate business and private life. Many small entrepreneurs work from home and, for security reasons, do not want to communicate their private address everywhere. For larger companies, convenience is often the most important reason. All mail can be digitized (scanned). Foundations and associations with regularly changing management also opt for an alternative postal address, so that they never have to change their address again.

Why rent a postal address from PriPost

If you want to rent a postal address, PriPost is the best and most economical choice. PriPost has been around for almost 10 years, has customers in more than 50 countries and has a real understanding of mail.
Via the online customer portal you can easily manage all your mail matters and indicate how your mail should be processed. For example, you can have the mail forwarded, whereby envelopes collected in a large envelope are forwarded to the address (worldwide) of your choice. Packages can also be forwarded, consolidated as one package. You can also have your mail scanned so that you receive everything digitally. If you cannot receive mail for a while, you can also have mail stored. Furthermore, it is also possible to filter out advertisements free of charge and to receive registered mail. In short, all very handy!

On the rates page you can see that PriPost is also the cheapest option. You already have a postal address (Postbox) from a few euros per month!

How can you apply for a postal address from PriPost

Applying for a postal address, or Postbox, is very quick and easy. Within a few minutes you already have your new postal address available so you can communicate it directly to all your relations. You can choose your own Postbox number, which consists of a letter and a number, for example P1200. This number is unique to you and with this number you can use all addresses from PriPost as a mailing address.

Very nice too; you are not tied to a long-term contract, because a Postbox can always be canceled immediately.