Resell our services to your customers

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to resell our services to your customers? Or do you offer a similar service yourself, for which you would like to use our advanced online customer portal? At the moment we are working hard to prepare the PriPortal for white label and reseller possibilities. The goal is that all services can be offered individually or combined by other companies, if desired under their own name. We will offer maximum flexibility in which certain modules can be switched on or off. In other words, we can adapt to your wishes.

See below which different options we will offer in the short term.

White label: sell under your own name

If you want to sell our services under your own company name, you can use the white label version of the PriPortal. In other words, the name PriPost as an example no longer comes into the picture. In its place comes your name, your logo, your prices, your contact details, etc.

When using the PriPortal, you can choose from two basic options:

  1. We perform the service, you take care of the sales
    So you use our postal addresses and we take care of the mail processing.
  2. You perform the service yourself, and you take care of the sales
    You use your own postal address and you take care of the mail processing yourself, supported by the portal.

In both options you then have a number of different possibilities

  • You sell one or more of our services
  • You take care of the invoicing yourself or we take care of the invoicing
  • You recruit resellers who resell the service

Reseller: resell our services

As a reseller you use our services and our name, only you sell them to your customers. There are 2 options:

  1. You arrange everything for your customers
    You manage all the accounts of your customers and you maintain contact with us. Your customers actually have nothing to do with us, have no access to the portal and you invoice your customers what you want.
  2. Your customers arrange everything directly with us
    Your customers register themselves on our portal with a unique code so that they are linked to you. We maintain contacts with those customers and we invoice them directly. We pay you a commission for each customer referred or. turnover.
Become a white label reseller

Want to become a white label / reseller?

We are busy behind the scenes to prepare all functionalities, this applies not only to PriPost, but also to our other services.

Want to know more about the possibilities?
Please contact Ron or Suzanna. They will be happy to tell you more about it.

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