Do you receive more than average mail?

Then we can offer you a special rate. We do this, for example, for counselors, administration offices and other companies that receive more mail than average.

Our special rates

Are you a business customer who receives a higher than average amount of mail? Then we offer you a special, reduced rate for digitizing / scanning the mail.

We do this, for example, for:

  • Administrators and mentors for whom we receive the mail from all their clients
  • Administration offices for whom we receive all invoices
  • Companies, foundations or organizations that receive a lot of mail from their customers, for example because they submit surveys, (WOZ) objections, etc.
  • Companies that want to outsource their mailroom
  • Influencers who receive mail from their fans
  • Lawyers / jurists who receive a lot of paper documents from, among others, the court
  • Etc.

Reduced scan rate

The special rate applies to scanning, the cost of which is normally € 0,65 per scan. Depending on the amount of mail, this amount can be significantly reduced, making it interesting to have larger quantities of mail digitized by us.

With more than an average of 70 letters per month, it is also possible to get your own with a unique address just for you. The advantage of this is that the scan rate can be reduced even further and that no Postbox number needs to be noted in the address.

Please note: This can only be a P.O. Box at a location designated by us.

Would you like to know more about our special rates?
Please contact us by calling 085-30 13 777 and we will be happy to explain the possibilities.