A business postal address and mail processing for administrators

Do you recognize this? After you first had to drive past the P.O.box to pick up the mail, you deposit the stack of envelopes on your desk to sort things out. First organize everything per client, then open all envelopes, then scan everything, then organize all documents digitally… And so time flies by.

How wonderful would it be if you no longer had to process that mail yourself? Administrators who already work with PriPost save a lot of time and always have a tidy desk.

Because they no longer see the physical mail at all and therefore do not have to do anything about it themselves. Everything arrives neatly digitally and can then be processed smoothly.

PriPost offers a solution especially for administrators

With a PriPost Postbox you have a fixed postal address where all your clients’ mail can be sent. PriPost scans the mail several times a week and the documents are uploaded directly into your online customer portal. There you can easily organize the documents per client or you can download everything for further processing in another system, such as OnView. We filter out advertising free of charge and it is also possible to have the original of certain pieces forwarded.

Special rates and agreements

PriPost now has a lot of experience in processing mail for administrators. We know that the amount of mail can sometimes increase considerably and that is why we offer a special low rate. On average, the costs are between € 4 and € 5 per client per month.

In addition to a special rate, administrators also receive special treatment. For example, specific functionalities have been built in the customer portal, at the request of administrators. Mail from administrators is also given priority, because we know that sometimes there are documents from the court that are subject to time pressure. We always think along with you about how we can make our services even better suited to your needs!

Shielding your private address

Do you work from home as an administrator but would you rather not have clients know where you live?

Quite understandable! We were recently visiting an administrator who had gotten two large stones through his window the weekend before… By using PriPost’s postal address, you already protect a large part of your private address. After all, you can communicate the postal address on your website, business cards, etc.

If you want 100% privacy, you can also use the address via PriOffice as a business address for your company at the Chamber of Commerce. Then you are sure that no one can find out your private address. And there is another advantage to PriOffice. Because if you want to receive a client in person, you can do so at one of the office locations that PriOffice has available. These are all representative offices where you can rent both a flex desk and a meeting room. For more information, see www.prioffice.eu.

Privacy en beveiliging


PriPost attaches great importance to privacy and we do everything we can to optimally secure our customers’ data. For example, the customer portal is secured with two-step verification and all documents are stored encrypted. We are fully GDPR compliant and we help our customers understand the meaning and importance of the GDPR. Click here for more information about the GDPR.

PriPost does not share data of its customers with third parties, in accordance with our general terms and conditions and privacy regulations. Mail is handled by us with the utmost care and employees are checked and in possession of a VOG. PriPost takes care of the mail for thousands of customers from more than 50 different countries, including lawyers, lawyers, administrators, well-known Dutch people, brokers and many large and small companies. If desired and/or necessary, it is possible to have a confidentiality agreement drawn up.

Additional benefits

It may not be the first thing you think of, but with a PriPost mailing address, your business mailing address never has to change again. Suppose you are going to move once or go abroad for a longer period of time; No problem! After all, your postal address remains unchanged and via the online portal you have access to the mail anytime, anywhere.

Other administrators preceded you

The main reason for me to become a PriPost customer was that I wanted to save time in processing my clients’ mail. I have no time nor desire to pick up the mail and scan everything myself and through PriPost I get everything digitally, which makes it very efficient. My desk is always tidy and luckily there are no piles of envelopes!

The personal service of PriPost is great, I am always helped immediately and we think along with you in solutions. For example, at my request, a specific function has been added to the customer portal. I personally think that every administrator should become a PriPost customer, at least those who want to use their time efficiently. I sometimes say that there are still administrators who do the dishes by hand, even though they know that dishwashers now exist!

Frans van den Broek, Administrator Rappórt


My experiences are very positive and with the arrival of the online customer portal it has become many times better. The good thing is that I have shielded my private address in this way and that I do not have to leave the house to get my mail.

All mail arrives neatly digitally and via the portal I can organize everything clearly. When I have a question, I am always helped smoothly and friendly on the phone or via e-mail.

The rates are fair and the service is very good. I would definitely recommend this service to other administrators as it offers a lot of convenience.

Mr. Linnenbank, Budget management & Administration in Helmond

Jaap Linnenbank maakt gebruik van PriPost

For me, PriPost offers an ideal solution, because their services ensure that I have my clients’ mail in order, without me having to invest a lot of time myself. If I didn’t have PriPost, there would probably be piles of mail on my desk and now everything is neatly organized digitally quickly.

What I like is that I never have to leave the house to get my mail again and my address is protected in this way. This is also cheaper than hiring someone to scan all mail yourself. An additional advantage is that I have moved a few times in the meantime, but my postal address always remains the same. So I never have to inform my relations again and that saves a lot of hassle

Kirsten van Hall, Professional mentor at ZorgEven

ZorgEven maakt gebruik van PriPost