Become an administrator

You don’t just become an administrator, there is a lot involved. There are various training courses and even franchise organizations that you can join. There are also several software packages that can support you in your work as an administrator.

However, a topic that is often forgotten is mail processing. And that’s strange, because it can take an incredible amount of time. After all, you receive all mail from all your clients and that can add up considerably! If you want to become an administrator, this is certainly a subject that you also want to think about carefully.

Becoming an administrator means working efficiently

A common reason to become an administrator is to help other people. You can get a lot of satisfaction from the work by helping people out of debt and getting them back on track financially. However, the work of administrator also involves a lot of administrative tasks. The more efficiently you organize that work, the more time you have left for actually helping clients.

By properly organizing and automating the administrative tasks, you keep a better grip on your work as an administrator. And, not unimportantly, you save time! This allows you to help more clients and build up a higher income. And that’s why you want to become an administrator, isn’t it?


By digitizing the work processes as much as possible, you work much more efficiently. So get rid of those old-fashioned files and use modern, user-friendly software as much as possible that makes the job easier for you. In addition to the advantage of saving time, it is also safer to work digitally and you are location independent. Whether you are at the office or with a client, you always have access to all the necessary information.

Becoming an administrator with smart business operations

Digitize mail

As mentioned, processing the mail of your clients can take a lot of time. That is why it is very smart to digitize mail processing, right from the moment you become an administrator. Because be honest, are you waiting to sort out, open, scan and/or archive all envelopes? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to have all mail delivered digitally right away?

By having the mail digitized, you save a lot of time. You keep a wonderfully tidy desk, because the documents are immediately delivered digitally. And with the modern software, you can automatically assign the documents to the right client.

Become an administrator from home

The vast majority of administrators work from home as freelancers. That is of course very nice, because you save on the costs of an expensive office. However, becoming an administrator from home also has a disadvantage: your home address has also become your business address. And unfortunately, there are risks involved, because all your clients know where you live.

Fortunately, this is easy to solve. By having your mail digitized, or outsourced, you automatically have an alternative postal address. You can use that postal address on your website and stationery, with which you protect your home address and therefore keep it private.

Becoming an administrator with smart business operations

PriPost offers a business postal address and digital mail processing for administrators

PriPost has been around for more than 10 years and specialises in mail processing for administrators. We offer an alternative postal address where we can receive all mail from your clients. As soon as mail arrives, it is immediately scanned, so that you can view everything digitally the same day.

Thanks to our many years of experience in mail processing for administrators, we know which matters are important to you. Our processes and systems are specifically designed for this and we even have special rates for administrators. For a few euros per client per month you are all set!

So do you want to become an administrator and outsource mail processing smartly and economically? Then take a look at this special page for administrators. Here you can also read experiences of other administrators who have been our customers for years!