What are the risks

Suppose you buy a beautiful, expensive television from an online store. You fill in your address and they will deliver the package neatly to you the next day. Very handy! But suppose that the site of this store is not so well secured and that criminals watch and see what is delivered to you… And they also see on social media that you are on holiday and therefore not at home for the time being… This seems like a rare scenario, but nothing could be further from the truth. More and more often there are reports in the news about ID fraud, credit card fraud, phishing, hacked websites, etc. The consequences can be very large. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people whose lives have been really destroyed by the disastrous consequences of internet fraud.

Receive mail anonymouslyAnonymous postal address

With a Postal address from PriPost you create more anonymity for yourself. Instead of leaving your own home address everywhere, you can now leave your postal address. This way your home address remains secret. PriPost receives your mail and you remain anonymous. It is even possible to enter an alias, or a made-up name. As long as PriPost is aware of this name. Of course, we then ensure that your mail reaches you. We can forward or scan mail together in a large envelope, so that you receive everything digitally.

PriPost never shares your personal data

With a postal address from PriPost you can receive mail anonymously, but for us you cannot be anonymous. To become a PriPost customer, you need to provide some personal data. We are also legally obliged to verify your identity. But rest assured, because PriPost will never share your personal data with third parties, unless there is a legal obligation to do so. This is in accordance with our general terms and conditions and privacy regulations. The security of our systems is also very well in order and we remain constantly sharp to adapt this to the latest developments.

Well-known Dutch people and high-risk professions

Meanwhile, there are more and more celebrities who have a postal address at PriPost. Think of (former) politicians, influencers and artists. But also people who practice a risky profession choose our services for safety reasons. For example, lawyers, diplomats, youth care supervisors and entrepreneurs who want to separate business and private life. And there are more and more ‘ordinary’ people who become customers. Ordinary people who have nothing to hide but want privacy and a piece of convenience.