Apply for a postal address online

Apply for your postal address now and receive your mail digitally from now on! Ideal when you…

  • prefer not to disclose your private address everywhere and want more privacy
  • as a self-employed person, you want to have your private address shielded by the Chamber of Commerce
  • want to give your business a professional appearance, so that not everyone sees that you work from home
  • often travel or are on the road
  • you use the address for a foundation or association with a changing board

From only € 5,95 per month you have a postal address and you receive your mail digitally in a handy app. This way you never have to worry about missing an important letter! And do you still want to receive the mail (also) physically? Of course, that is also possible.

What is a postal address?

A PriPost postal address is nothing more than an address where you can receive mail. The advantage of our postal address is that you never have to give your private address, while your mail is accessible anytime, anywhere.

With our postal address you can:

  1. Receive mail anonymously
    Would you rather not disclose your personal data in too many places? Many of our customers have a high-risk profession or simply want more privacy.
  2. Processing (business) mail
    Receive all business mail, but do not always pick it up yourself from a P.O. box? A Postbox is the smart and cheap alternative. And we ensure that the mail reaches you physically and/or digitally.
  3. Shielding your private address from the Chamber of Commerce
    Are you looking for an address that you can use as a correspondence address for the Chamber of Commerce? You can also use the Postbox for that. Nowadays it is even enough for sole proprietorships to completely shield the private address.
  4. Give your company a professional look
    Would you rather show a beautiful office than your own home? Choose one of our locations and keep private and business neatly separated. Also very practical when you, as an association or foundation, have to deal with a regularly changing board.
  5. Travel and yet receive mail
    Are you traveling a lot or do you regularly stay at a different address? No worries, because with your own Postbox you can receive all your mail digitally. And read whenever you want, even from a hammock in the sun on the other side of the world.

Low cost, high privacy

The postal address offers all kinds of options, starting from € 5.95 per month. You pay a competitive price, to receive your mail and to have it processed. By having the mail scanned or forwarded, you know exactly what is coming in. And your private address remains private. Or if you do not have a fixed address (for a short time), the Postbox makes it possible to receive mail!

PriPost’s postal services at a glance

PriPost’s Postbox includes various postal services, which we briefly explain below.

Want to know how the Postbox works?
You can read that here.


As soon as we receive mail for you, we first scan the envelope or directly the contents. This depends on your wishes. You can read the mail in your secure online environment or via the handy app.


We collect the mail that arrives for you and forward it in a large envelope with the frequency of your choice. For example, once a week, every other week, or every day. To any address worldwide.


Temporarily no opportunity to receive mail? We receive and store your mail for as long as you want. As soon as you are ready to receive the mail, indicate this and we will forward everything in a large envelope.


Not able to send a letter yourself, for example because you don’t have a printer, or because you’re abroad? We print and send your letter, to any address and at exactly the right time.

Business and private

Our customers are companies, freelancers, webshops, associations, foundations and also private individuals. Thanks to the various options for processing your mail, the Postbox is a solution for everyone!

With your postal address, you’re sure you don’t have to miss anything. And that you can even view it digitally, if in the meantime you still want to know what is coming in. By having your mail scanned, with which we make it available in your online portal and the app.

Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

Tell us your wishes and discover:

Temporary postal address: better and cheaper

You want a temporary postal address and would rather not pay too much for it? We keep costs low in order to use it in an economical way.

Our Postbox is already available for € 5,95 per month, so you can choose it cheaply for both business and private. In addition, we charge competitive rates for scanning and forwarding, depending on what you like when we process the mail.

Tip: have your mail forwarded internationally? This is also possible, so you can receive your mail anywhere. And that can even be done by registered mail or as a package, with which we would like to adapt to the way you want to use your postal address.

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