A business postal address

Use your postal address for business and prefer not to receive that mail at home? Have your business mail delivered to our address, in your own Postbox. As a postal address for the Chamber of Commerce and as a convenient solution to no longer have to worry about it yourself.

With a business postal address at our address, we will receive your mail. That we digitize for you or that we store. So that you can look at it digitally or to receive the mail only after a certain period of time. Or periodically, of course, if you want to have it forwarded to your address.

With our Postbox from now on you will decide how you want to receive your business mail. And you can easily ensure more privacy, because you do not always have to provide your customers, relations and other contacts with your private address.

Postal address and business address

Do you want to change your postal address for business? That’s different from the registration or business address. For example, you can keep your business address the same, while the mail will now end up in your Postbox.

Tip: For sole proprietorships, having a business postal address is now sufficient to have the private address shielded by the Chamber of Commerce! Click here for more information.

Do you also want to change your business address?

This can be done via our PriOffice service. You can then use a business address for the Chamber of Commerce, which is sometimes also called a virtual address.


Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

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Use postal address for business

Do you want to use your postal address for business? You can do that for € 5,95 a month. In addition, you pay the cost of scanning or forwarding the mail, so that you can look at it digitally or we can forward the mail to you. We can also filter out the advertising for you for free, so you don’t have to worry about that anyway.

We make sure that you can have the business mail delivered to your Postbox, just at our address. This means that you no longer have to worry about it and that you don’t need to always provide your private address.

Tip: Would you rather not use your own employee to receive, sort and make the mail available? We are the cheap alternative. For example, with the possibility to have your business mail scanned, so that you can always look at it digitally location-independent.

business postal address

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