Writing down or mentioning the Postbox number correctly is important!

Writing down your Postbox number correctly is essential for us to process your mail smoothly and correctly. PriPost sorts the mail by Postbox number, because that number is unique for every customer. That is why it is important that the companies and relations that send mail to you mention the box number in the address. If the Postbox number is missing, we are forced to sort the mail by name (addressee/recipient). However, this entails considerably more work, which means that we are forced to charge extra costs per mail item where the box number is missing.

Mentioning the Postbox number not possible?

If it is not possible to mention a Postbox number, due to automated systems, we do not charge any extra costs for this. This is the case, for example, with PostNL’s relocation service. This only works with entering a zip code and house number and does not allow an extra field.

Companies where it is not (yet) possible to mention a Postbox number

  • Verhuisservice PostNL
  • Waternet

Have you found an institution yourself where this is not possible? Then we would like to hear about it. If this is demonstrably the case, we will add this company to this list and no additional costs will be charged for sorting without a Postbox number.

Stating the Postbox number at the Chamber of Commerce

write down postbox number correctly

If you, as a company, association or foundation, want to change the correspondence address at the Chamber of Commerce, use one of our office addresses with the addition (aanvulling) “UNIT” + your box number (as an example Unit P365). So do not use the ‘toevoeging’ field but the ‘aanvulling’ field.

To change the correspondence address at the Chamber of Commerce, you need a Rental Agreement Postal Address from PriPost. You can easily create and download this from the PriPortal (in the dashboard).

Please note: With this Rental Agreement Postal Address you can only change your correspondence address and not your business address. To change a business address, you need a PriOffice rental agreement. This is only available for business customers.

The correct mentioning of the Postbox number

The Postbox number can be stated in the address in various ways. Although it is preferable to state the Postbox number as a second address line, it may be mentioned anywhere else in the address. You are free to use a different designation such as ‘Unit’ or ‘Box’ prior to the Postbox number. This is optional and not mandatory (Exception is the location in Rotterdam where Unit 303 must always be stated prior to the box number).

A Postbox number consists always of 1 letter and 1 to 4 digits. For administrative reasons we always use 4 digits (leading zeros). However, this is not necessary. You could thus use P0365 or P365.

The Netherlands – Location Amsterdam

The Netherlands – Location Rotterdam

The Netherlands – Location Leidschendam