Request a mailing address

Applying for a postal address is very easy at PriPost and can be arranged within a few minutes. You immediately have your new postal address available that you can use both for business and private. For example, to give your company a professional look or to have more privacy. And very useful if you stay abroad for a longer period of time or have to go there regularly for longer periods. So that you have a Dutch postal address and can continue to receive your mail.

Request a mailing address? That is more than what you know from a traditional P.O. box. You don’t have to come and pick up your mail for example. We can immediately scan it, forward it or even store it and then physically forward it to you. Where we immediately filter out the unaddressed advertising for you, so that you are no longer bothered by it.

Curious how that works if you want to apply for or rent a postal address? We explain how easy it is to apply and how you can use it. Both business and private, for only € 5,95 per month.

Using the Postbox for business and private use

Please note:unfortunately, you cannot use our postal address as a residential or ‘briefadres’ with the municipality. There are other conditions for this, which we cannot provide for.

Keep business and private separate

Many self-employed people and other entrepreneurs prefer to keep private and business separated as much as possible. They do this, for example, by renting a postal address. So you can simply provide an official address for the post, also at the Chamber of Commerce. Without this being your private address, so customers don’t suddenly show up at the door. And so you won’t find business letters, invoices or tax bills between the private mail.

Instead, you can easily keep private and business seperate, with our modern alternative to the traditional By applying for a postal address and having all physical mail sent there. Which you can view digitally, from the portal by logging in with us. So you don’t have to miss a letter anymore while it doesn’t have to fall on your doormat anymore.

And do you have another reason to apply for a postal address for your business? We will work with you and will be happy to explain our possibilities. By scanning your mail and making it available digitally. Or by storing it and forwarding it to you at a later date. Which allows you to use it in an economical way and you never have to miss anything again.

Renting postal address: only € 5,95 per month

Wondering what renting a postal address costs in practice? It is cheaper than a P.O. box, because you can already use it for € 5,95 per month. So that it is not the costs that have to stop you, both business and private.

Requesting a postal address is easy online

Preferential rates

In addition to the subscription costs, you pay a small amount per letter and other mail item that we scan and digitize for you. Or for what we forward to you, something we can do in batches to help you save on the cost of doing so. So you can always use it in an economical way, to organize your mail in a smart way.

From abroad and for other private solutions, just like in the Netherlands when you are a self-employed person or another entrepreneur. Thanks to the various solutions we offer, for which you can apply for a postal address. Simply online by registering and using it from that moment on.