Cancel Spaces and save money

Cancel spaces? You probably started working there with a lot of inspiration. But, what do you actually pay for the offices, co-working and meeting rooms in hundreds of cities around the world? And have you actually made a lot of use of it outside of your own hometown and region?

We regularly receive questions from other self-employed people, who are looking for an alternative to Spaces. With the same flexible options and for example to shield their private address. Without the high costs, so that you have a little more left at the end of the month.

Cancel spaces: what is my alternative?

Like those other self-employed people, would you prefer to cancel your agreement at Spaces, but you don’t know exactly what the alternative is? As with Spaces, you can continue to work in a flex place. With other self-employed people around you, without paying a high price for it any longer.

Instead, you use a registered business address with a flexible workplace. Or just a Postbox, so you can receive your business mail at a different address. And you can communicate that to your customers and other relationships. To keep your private address private.

PriPost: cheap alternative to Spaces
PriPost: cheap alternative to Spaces

Postbox or registered business address: keep your home address private

Whatever your reasons for cancelling Spaces, we make sure there’s a cheap alternative available. For € 5,95 when you need a Postbox. And from €34,25 per month if you choose a business address. With a flex desk, so you always have a place to work. Whenever it suits you, without being stuck on an expensive agreement that you hardly use.

Need a business address with a comfortable workplace? You can find it at PriOffice