PriPost: cheap alternative to HNK

Been a customer at HNK for a while, but would you like to cancel your agreement there? Many self-employed people are looking for ways to save on costs. Without having to make their home address public, to make private actually private. With a different postal address and possibly another place to work.

But, how do you deal with that when you can no longer use Het Nieuwe Kantoor (HNK)? How do you ensure that you can continue to work elsewhere or that your address does not need to be known to the customers with whom you communicate?


Cancel HNK: what is my alternative?

Fortunately, there is an alternative available. You can cancel HNK and easily save on costs. Both with a Postbox and a registered business address, for which you pay a lower price in both cases.

With the possibilities to continue working flexibly, in a nice place that is well suited for this. And where of course you can meet other freelancersand self-employed people, so you don’t have to miss out on that. Or with just a Postbox, so you can receive the business mail at another address. And can have it scanned so you can have it at your disposal right away. That way we are your cheap alternative to HNK.

Postbox or registered business address: keep your home address private

Keep your home address private and work on a flex desk? Use our solutions as an alternative to HNK. So you can cancel your agreement there, now that you may never actually be there again. From € 5,95 for a Postbox, and for € 29,95 per month if you choose a business address.

Tip: need a registration address with a comfortable workplace? You can find it at PriOffice.

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