Apply for a postal address online

You can apply fora postal address online, where you can receive your mail privately and / or for business. Anonymous if you prefer not to disclose your address everywhere. And digital when you’re traveling. Or with a professional address for your business contacts, with which you don’t have to show everyone that you’re just working from home. You may need a postal address for all kinds of reasons, which we can help you with from € 5,95 per month.

Apply for a Postbox
Postal address

What is a postal address?

What is a postal address? It’s nothing but an address on which you receive mail.
And for whom that is interesting? We list the most important possibilities for you:

  • Receive mail anonymously
    Would you rather not disclose your personal details in too many places, but still receive important mail? Many of our customers have a profession that involves risks or they just want a bit more privacy.
  • Processing (business) mail
    Receive all business mail, but do not always collect it yourself from the mailbox? A Postbox is the attractive and cheaper alternative. And we take care of the complete processing of your mail.
  • Chamber of Commerce postal address
    Are you looking for an address that you can use as a correspondence address for the Chamber of Commerce? You can also use the Postbox for that. Nowadays it is even enough for sole proprietorships to completely shield the private address.
  • Professional presentation
    Would you rather show a beautiful office than your own home? Choose one of our locations and keep private and business neatly separated. Also very practical when you as an association or foundation have to deal with regularly changing boards.
  • Travel and yet receive mail
    Are you traveling a lot or do you regularly stay at a different address? No worries, because with your own Postbox you can receive all your mail digitally. And read whenever you want, even from a hammock in the sun on the other side of the world.

The postal address offers all kinds of possibilities, starting from € 5,95 per month. You pay a competitive price, to receive your mail and to have it processed. By having the mail scanned or forwarded, you know exactly what is coming in. And your private address remains private. Or if you do not have a fixed address (for a short time), the Postbox makes it possible to receive mail!

Apply for a Postbox
Postal address

Business and private

Our customers are companies, freelancers, webshops, associations, foundations and also private individuals. Thanks to the various possibilities on which we can process your mail, the Postbox is a solution for everyone! The possibilities:

  • Scan
    Receive the mail at your postal address with us? We scan everything that comes in so you can just read it online. With, if you want, a scan of the envelope first, to indicate to us if you want the contents scanned. Or with the content of the envelop immediately, so you right away know what it’s all about.
  • Forward
    Eventually receive the mail yourself, but prefer to shield your address? We will forward the mail to you, collected in larger envelopes. Or if you want to receive packages that we (also collected) forward to you.
  • Store
    A while abroad and no fixed address to receive mail? We store your mail for as long as you want. Then we will forward it to you on demand, as soon as you have the opportunity to receive mail yourself.

With your postal address, you’re sure you don’t have to miss anything. And that you can even view it digitally, if in the meantime you still want to know what is coming in. By having your post scanned, with which we make it available in your online portal and the app.

Temporary postal address: better and cheaper

You want a temporary postal address and would rather not pay too much for it? We keep costs low in order to use