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Business postal address

Use your postal address for business and prefer not to receive that mail at home? Have your business mail delivered to our address, in your own Postbox. As a postal address for the Chamber of Commerce and as a convenient solution to no longer have to worry about it yourself.

A business postal address

With a business postal address at our address, we will receive your mail. Which we digitize for you or that we store. So that you can look at it digitally or to receive the mail only after a certain period of time. Or periodically, of course, if you want it to be forwarded to your address.

With our Postbox from now on you will decide how you want to receive your business mail. Or simply provide more privacy, because you don’t have to always provide your customers, relationships and other contacts with your private address.

Please note: do you want to change your postal address for business? That’s a little different from the registration or business address. For example, you can keep your business address the same, while the mail will now end up in your PostBox. And do you also want to change your business address? You can do that at PriOffice. You can then use a business address for the CoC, sometimes called a virtual address.


Use postal address for business

Do you want to use your postal address for business? You can do that for € 5,00 a month. In addition, you pay the cost of scanning or forwarding the mail, so that you can look at it digitally or we can forward the mail to you. We can also filter out the advertising for you for free, so you don’t have to worry about that anyway.

We make sure that you can have the business mail delivered to your Postbox, just at our address. This means that you no longer have to worry about it and that you don’t need to always provide your private address.

Tip: Would you rather not use your own employee to receive, sort and make the mail available? We’re the cheap alternative. For example, with the possibility to have your business mail scanned, so you can look at it digitally the same day.

With a business postal address with our Postbox, you can be sure that you don’t miss any mail, without having to worry about it in the future.

Are you ready and would you like to apply for a business postal address?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call, mail or chat with one of our employees via the contact page.

Questions and answers for companies

What will now be my new postal address?2020-08-27T16:56:08+01:00

You will have your postal address at one of our locations in the Netherlands or abroad. Discover online what your postal address listing will look like. For example, it concerns:

Your name
Keurenplein 41 Unit < letter and number>
1069 CD Amsterdam

How long does the application of my Postbox take?2020-08-27T17:20:51+01:00

You can easily apply for your Postbox online and it is immediately available.

In the online customer portal you can set up your Postbox. You can indicate how you want your mail to be processed:

  • Scan, forward, or store
    Indicate whether you want your mail scanned, forwarded or stored
  • Whether or not addressed advertising
    Don’t want to receive any more addressed advertising? Then we filter it out for you for free.
  • Whether or not registered mail
    We can receive registered mail for you, so you decide how to deal with it.
  • Whether or not to receive packages
    Also receive packages? We prevent you from having to stay home for that all the time.

Once you have set up your preferences, you can use the Postbox.

Does PriPost have an office in my home town?2019-07-13T12:11:25+01:00

PriPost currently has three locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam Leidschendam) and one in Spain (Barcelona). Because we process your mail (forwarding, scanning, storing) you do not have to pick it up yourself, which means that the location is not really important. More information about the locations can be found on thispage. With your Postbox number you can receive mail at all PriPost addresses.

Do I need a customer number with PostNL?2019-05-01T12:49:18+01:00

No, PriPost is completely detached from PostNL.

Can I establish my company (Chamber of Commerce) at my Postbox address?2020-01-12T13:01:23+01:00

To be able to use your Postbox address as a business address for the Chamber of Commerce, you must conclude a separate agreement with PriOffce for a membership. You can find more information about this at Registration addresses are limited available.

The agreement you have with PriPost can only be used as a correspondence address for the Chamber of Commerce.

Is a Postbox the same as a PO Box?2019-07-10T11:48:27+01:00

No, there are even considerable differences between them. We have listed the most important differences:

Kosten per jaar
€ 60,00
€ 219,50
Eenmalige kosten
€ 22,50 TIJDELIJK NU € 15,00
€ 41,00
één maand
Inclusief kantooradres
Pakketten ontvangen
Reclame filteren
Niet mogelijk
Post scannen
How much does a Postbox cost?2020-08-27T17:05:23+01:00

Our Postbox is available for € 5,00 per month, excluding VAT. That means you’re 80% cheaper than with a regular Check out our complete overview of the rates.

I don’t live in the Netherlands: can I use a Postbox?2020-08-27T17:09:24+01:00

Yes, at PriPost we have business and private customers from over 50 different countries from all over the world. So do you stay abroad for a shorter or longer time? Are you going to live there or do you move regularly? With our Postbox you have one postal address that you can pass on to relationships and authorities.

What is UBO statement and why does PriPost need it?2020-04-08T15:07:48+01:00

The U.B.O. (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

PriPost is obliged to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) in accordance with the Sanctions Act to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. This prevents people from hiding themselves behind legal entities. The Sanctions Act requires us to check background data of our customers. It is about determining the “Ultimate Beneficial Owners” (UBO) of our business customers.

  1. What is a UBO?
    • UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner.
    • A UBO is is a natural person who holds at least 25% shares or has control over the non-listed legal person;
    • or who is a beneficiary or has special control of 25% or more of the assets of a foundation or trust.
  2. Your company, association or foundation does not have a UBO but a director. What needs to be filled in?
    Do you have the legal form private company, limited partnership, limited company or partnership? Then we ask you to fill in one or more Ultimate Beneficial Owner (s) statements with a 25% shares. Do you have the legal form early childhood education, association, foundation or church society? Then we ask you to fill in the director (s) in the UBO statement. If you have a sole proprietorship, you are a natural person or do not have a UBO with shares of 25% or more, then signing the UBO statement is sufficient.
  3. What does the Sanctions Act entail?
    The Sanction Act is focused on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. The Sanction Act 1977 forms the legal basis for national rules for the implementation of international sanctions. Due to the increasing political tensions since the conflict in Ukraine and the MH370 flight disaster, the European Union and the United States have imposed sanctions against persons and entities involved in this conflict. The Dutch financial sector, including PriPost as provider of addresses, has an important function as “gatekeeper” in the implementation of these sanctions. The regulatory authorities also expect us to do business with reliable parties.
  4. Why is PriPost asking me for the UBO data now, even though I have been a customer for a long time?
    PriPost has not yet registered the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) of all (old) customers. This means that it cannot be determined whether these customers appear on a sanction list. This is in violation of the Sanctions Act. When accepting new customers, we immediately request the required information. For existing customers, for whom we have not asked these acceptance questions in the past, we still need to determine and screen the UBO data against the Sanction Lists. Our supervisory authorities are currently monitoring stricter compliance with the Sanctions Act.
  5. Are there consequences if I do not provide a UBO statement?
    If we do not receive the UBO statement from you, we cannot check the background data. If you do not respond, it may mean that we have to terminate the PriPost agreement. Of course we would prefer not to do it. That is why it is important that you fill the UBO statement correctly in and upload it as quickly as possible via the customer portal.
  6. I have several Postboxes. Is one UBO statement enough?
    Each UBO statement is made for one company. In case you have several companies, a UBO statement will have to be drawn up for each company, regardless of the number of Postboxes. If you have several Postboxes for one company, then you only have to upload one UBO statement.
  7. My company is not based in the Netherlands
    It is irrelevant for the law where a company is located. A UBO statement must also be provided for companies established abroad.
  8. Where can I find the UBO statement?
    You can easily download this via the following link:
    After completion and signature, you can upload it as a PDF in the customer portal.
  9. Where can I go with questions?
    If you have any questions, you can contact PriPost customer service. We can be reached on working days from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. at 070-2210460 or ask your question via a ticket in the customer portal. We are happy to help you!
Can I also use the Postbox office address on my website?2020-01-12T13:49:03+01:00

You can use both the PO box address in Leidschendam as well as the physical office addresses on your website. Many entrepreneurs use the office address on their website or printed matter to separate private and business matters.

What many entrepreneurs are not aware of is that you as a company have the legal obligation (certainly with a webshop) to state a physical address on the website.

With a lease agreement issued by our sister company PriOffice, it is also possible to use the office address as the registred address for the Chamber of Commerce. More information can be found here.

Below an image how google maps streetview shows our location in Amsterdam. (We are located in the middle block)

My company is based abroad. Can I still open a Postbox?2019-07-15T00:18:59+01:00

PriPost is for anyone who needs a postal address in the Netherlands, no matter where you or your company are located. If desired we will send your mail to your address abroad. We can also scan the mail for you and send it to you digitally. Another option is that we store the mail for you.

Can PriPost take over the entire mailroom function of my company?2019-07-15T00:21:22+01:00

In this time when less and less mail is sent, it is cheaper to outsource your mail room in most cases. PriPost has the right knowledge and experience. Please contact our Sales Manager for an appointment and a quote.

Is it important that the place where my company is located is the same as the place of my postal address?2019-07-15T00:18:31+01:00

It remains a personal choice, but today practice shows that this is no longer important. Due to the increasing use of the internet, everyone knows that web shops can be created from the living room or that people work in different locations. More and more companies and individuals make use of our service and communicate to their relations that the mail is processed professionally by an external company (PriPost).

Can I use my Postbox as a webshop for customer returns?2019-07-13T11:59:40+01:00

Yes, that is possible. There are now many web shops for which we process the returns. More information can be found here.

Why is PriPost the best option for an alternative postal address?2020-08-27T15:41:10+01:00

At PriPost, we keep costs down and at the same time make it easy for you. Because you’ll never have to leave the house to pick up the mail. And with the ability to read your mail digitally and online, so you never have to miss anything again.
Moreover, we are professional and well organized, in order to offer you the best service. Your (private) mail is in good hands with us. So you can rely on a postal address for individuals, where you can now receive your physical mail.

Can I mention my Postbox address on my website?2019-07-10T16:11:38+01:00

Of course, you can mention your Postbox address on your website or have it stated on your business card. You can choose from two types of addresses: a PO Box address and a physical office address. Many companies and webshops make use of our services in such a way. You can also establish your company (Chamber of Commerce) at a Postbox address. More information about it you can find here.

I have several companies. Can I also request several Postboxes?2019-12-30T22:57:30+01:00

Yes, this is certainly possible, but not always necessary. You can specify multiple addressees (companies and names of people) per Postbox. There are four addressees included in the monthly fixed costs. From the fifth € 1,00 excluding VAT per week per addressee will be charged. If you want to separate the mail, you can use multiple Postboxes.

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