PriPost and PostNL work together on digitization of mail

Since 2010, we have been offering a smart alternative to the traditional with our affordable and practical Postbox. Instead of having to drive to a locker to see if there is mail in it, we thought it would be more convenient to digitize the mail right away. And now it has turned out that there are more people who find that very useful..:-)

PostNL is of course known for the P.O. Box and mail delivery, but they also recognize that digitization of mail is the future. And fortunately, PostNL and PriPost can reinforce each other in this. Because when it comes to digitization of mail, we have a special collaboration, because each of us serves a different target group.

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The differences and the benefits

There is not much difference in the way we scan. The difference is mainly in the service we offer around it, in the pricing and in the type of customers we serve:

  • PriPost receives your mail in the Postbox for which you only pay € 5,95 per month

  • PriPost is mainly aimed at SMEs

  • We can filter out mail items that cannot be scanned, for example bank cards, and forward them by post

  • We offer more customization and can process special requests, for example filtering advertising

  • You have the option to determine per envelope whether it should be scanned or not

  • With us you pay a slightly higher price per scan, but you have no start-up costs

  • There is no minimum purchase to become a PriPost customer

  • The application is arranged with us within a few minutes and you have a cancellation period of only 1 calendar month

Scan mail

PriPost is there especially for the SME customer

Most of PriPost’s customers are freelancers, small entrepreneurs, associations and foundations. There are customers who receive 1 or 2 letters per week, but also customers who receive an average of 150-200 letters per month, such as administrators. With us you do not have high fixed costs and for scanning you pay a low amount per scan, so that you as an entrepreneur keep the costs under control.

Our online customer portal and our processes are aimed at offering more customization. For example, we can filter out advertisements for you free of charge and we can process special mail items such as bank cards, PIN codes or magazines in a different way. For example, we will send these to you by post. And do you like to determine per envelope whether you want it scanned, forwarded or destroyed? That is also possible.

PostNL is especially for the large business customer

Do you as a company have large volumes of mail to process? Then PostNL is the right party to digitize your mail. Think of digitizing the mailroom, so that you no longer have to employ staff for it yourself. The post can be linked directly to a specific department that you have indicated in advance.

Are you ready to apply for your Postbox?

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