Why send by registered mail?

By having your letter sent by registered mail, you can be sure that it will arrive at the recipient. The postman rings the recipient’s doorbell to have them sign for receipt. This way you have proof that you have sent the letter and that it has arrived at the recipient.

So do you want to have a letter sent by registered mail? We take care of the shipment, and we do that by registered mail if you want. This way you meet all obligations, or you just have more certainty about the shipment.

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How does it work?

Having a letter sent by registered mail is very simple:

  1. Upload PDF of your letter
  2. Enter address and schedule sending
  3. Choose from regular or registered mail

Do you want to send a letter and do so by registered mail? On the rates page, we tell you exactly what that costs.

Well arranged: receiving and sending mail

We like to make it easy for you with your postal address to receive mail and have it scanned, forwarded or stored. And to send mail, even if you want to have a letter sent by registered mail.

So are you looking for a mail processor? Or are you also looking for a business address, a place to work and an address to receive parcels? We can all help you with it, together with our sister companies such as PriOffice and PriParcel.


Have a letter sent by registered mail

You can have your letter sent by registered mail by uploading it in PDF. We will take of it for you and ensure with certainty that it arrives at the recipient.