Outbox: to send letters

PriPost is your number 1 mail processor. We are your postal address to receive and scan, forward and store mail. And we are your outbox, to send mail.

You can easily arrange that online, so you no longer need a printer, stamp and envelope for that. Send your mail from the Netherlands or abroad, to a Dutch or international address (worldwide). We arrange it for you, so that you do not have to worry about it.

Have mail forwarded

How does it work

Sending mail is very easy:

  1. Upload PDF of your letter
  2. Enter address and schedule sending
  3. Choose from regular or registered mail

You can arrange it online, directly from our portal. This way we make it easy for you to send mail, wherever you are at that moment. For our competitive rates we arrange it from A to Z.

Sending mail with PriPost

Do you want to send mail with PriPost? We are your mail and parcel processor, business address and possible workplace, where you have your own online portal in which you arrange everything. You use this, for example, to send mail items and to receive mail and to have it digitized, forwarded or stored. We are your postal address to receive and send, with which we like to make it as easy as possible for you.

Are you ready and want to apply for a Postbox?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

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Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

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