Receive mail elsewhere

Receiving your mail elsewhere is possible with our Postbox. We receive your mail at one of our postal addresses and ensure that it then reaches you. How? Of course, that’s up to you.

You can choose to use the mail forwarding service or you can choose to have the mail scanned by us. Then we’ll make sure you can read it digitally, so you’re always up to date. This way you can view your mail anytime and anywhere, regardless of where you live, work or stay.

Receiving mail elsewhere with our postal services

Have mail delivered elsewhere: examples
Maybe you tried it at a post office or at a pick-up point. However, that doesn’t work in handy if you want to have your letters forwarded to another address. And if you’re wondering if you can have your mail delivered somewhere else.

This can be done, for example in the following situations:

Receive your mail elsewhere?
  • No fixed home address
    Don’t have a permanent home address, but do you need to have a postal address for important agencies? You can provide your postal address with your unique Postbox number without any problems.
  • Temporarily abroad
    Do you live temporarily abroad and don’t want to miss out on important mail? No problem, and we can physically forward the mail to you or scan it and make it available online.
  • More privacy
    Do you want more privacy or more anonymity? With a PriPost Postbox, you don’t have to leave your address everywhere anymore.
Do you often receive packages, but are you unfortunately not always at home? At PriParcel we can receive, store, collect and forward your parcels at your convenience.

Receive mail elsewhere

Do you want to receive your mail somewhere else? We can forward your business mail and of course offer options for individuals. To have your mail forwarded, if you (temporarily) do not want to or cannot receive it yourself. That way you can be sure that you don’t miss anything, without having to provide your home address.

In addition, you only pay € 5,95 per month and it is arranged within a few minutes. You have access to all your postal items through the customer portal and you can choose how we need to process your mail. Plus, you never have to change the postal address again, because you can just keep it. Wherever you live, work or stay. We make sure that you receive the mail in the way you like. So you can have the mail delivered somewhere else, where we’ll make sure it’s okay.