Topping up your balance by direct debit

Do you want to be sure that your account will never be on standby due to insufficient funds? Then top up the balance of your e-wallet by direct debit. The only thing you have to take care of is sufficient money in the bank account from which is collected. A few days prior to the collection you will receive a message from us that a collection will take place.

You can easily arrange everything via the PriPortal

  • Request direct debit
    Go to My Account – Financial and under Direct debit details, click Set up.
  • Revoke direct debit authorization
    Go to My Account – Financial and under Direct debit details, click Revoke Authorization
  • Change account number
    Go to My Account – Financial and under Direct debit details, click Change account. You then revoke the current authorization and create a new one.
Pay by direct debit

Frequently asked questions about direct debit

  1. I don’t have an IBAN, can I use direct debit?
    No, unfortunately that is not yet possible. You will have to top up the balance in the e-wallet yourself via the various payment methods that the PriPortal offers.
  2. I have a foreign account number, can I also use direct debit?
    You can only use direct debit if you have an IBAN account that allows it. In most cases, this is possible. Also with an account number in another European country. Do you want more certainty? Ask your bank if SEPA direct debit is possible or check it online via
  3. I have issued a direct debit authorization for PriOffice in the past, is it now also used for the other Pri services?
    Yes, that’s right. It is possible to issue one authorization on an account. To make it simpler, that authorization will also be used for the other Pri-services. Would you rather not do this? Then you can easily revoke the authorization.
  4. Can all costs be paid by direct debit?
    No, some fees will be charged separately. As an example, the deposit of PriOffice, reservations for flex desks and shipments of PriParcel.
  5. What if I don’t agree with a charge?
    We advise you to contact us first, so that we can see together whether or not the amount is justified.
    You can have the amount refunded (reversed) via your bank. In most cases, this can be done within a period of 56 days / 8 weeks.
  6. What happens when a direct debit is reversed?
    Then you will automatically receive a message that it has been reversed with the request to top up the balance yourself via the payment methods in the portal. If the balance is not replenished, your account will go on standby and the services will be (temporarily) stopped.
  7. Can I temporarily stop the direct debit?
    No, that is not possible. You can only revoke the authorization.
  8. I can’t request a direct debit, how is that possible?
    If there has been two cancellations within a certain period, a new authorization can (temporarily) not be requested. This can be done again after three months after the last reversal has taken place. In the event of repeated reversals, PriServices may decide that an authorization is no longer possible at all.
  9. Why is the amount always different?
    The amount that is collected depends on the services that you purchase and can change. A few days before the collection takes place, you will receive a message about this.
  10. Can I indicate a maximum for the amount to be collected?
    No, that is not possible (at the moment). PriServices tries to limit the number of collection moments to once per month. When the e-wallet reaches a certain level, the current subscription costs will be collected. No higher amount will ever be collected than necessary to meet the monthly costs.

Is your question not listed?

Do you have any questions about the above? Please feel free to contact us by creating a support ticket via the PriPortal.