Would you like to receive your online order anonymously?

You often order products online but you don’t want to leave your private address everywhere? You attach great importance to privacy? Or do you maybe have a risky profession and are you looking for anonymity?

There are several reasons why someone chooses to receive packages anonymously. We understand that very well, because even sharing your address involves all kinds of risks. PriParcel makes it possible to receive parcels anonymously.

Receiving parcels with a PriParcel account

After you have created a PriParcel account, you can use the delivery address in the Netherlands to have your packages delivered.
You can order the packages in your own (company-) name or you can use an alias. You can add one extra alias (as a recipient) to your PriParcel account. This way it is always clear that the package belongs to you.

View the special page on the PriParcel website for more information and rates.