The mail moving service

There is a disadvantage to moving… You have to tell everyone your new address. Ouch, that’s a hassle! And what if you are going to live somewhere temporarily, will you have to inform everyone again?

PriPost does not offer a moving service like PostNL, let that be clear. PriPost offers an alternative postal address. For example, for your company or just for you as a private individual.

You communicate your new postal address to all your relations. So yes… You have to go through the sour apple one more time. We will then receive your mail and send it to you digitally (scanned) or by post (physically). We can also store your mail for as long as you want. And we filter out advertising for free (if you want, of course).

Are you going to move again or are you going on a longer trip?
No problem! After all, your postal address does not change. You only have to give us your new address.

Temporarily enable the moving service

When you rent a postal address from us, you can temporarily call in PostNL’s moving service to ensure that you do not miss any mail. After all, it can happen that you accidentally forgot to inform someone about your new address. With the moving service, the mail will still be forwarded to us. This service is expensive so always intended as a temporary backup. Ultimately, of course, the intention is that everyone sends the mail directly to your new postal address.

Have mail forwarded

Never report a change of address again

Once you use your Postbox, you never have to report a change of address again. Wherever you are, we’ll make sure your mail gets to you. So you can move as often as you want, go on vacation as often or as long as you want, without missing a thing.