PriPost offers an alternative to postNL’s mail retention service

PostNL no longer offers a mail retention service, they have stopped doing that. But fortunately, you can use PriPost’s custody service. If you can’t receive mail for a while, for example because you’re staying abroad for a while, PriPost’s retention service is a practical solution. PriPost stores your mail and/or packages and forwards them to you when it suits you. We forward everything to the address you provide us at that time, at home or abroad.

In addition to storing mail, PriPost also offers other opportunities to receive mail when you are away from home for a longer period of time. We can also scan your mail as an example so that you receive everything digitally. This way you can be sure you won’t miss anything!

The advantages of PriPost at a glance

  • Store, scan or forward your mail
  • We receive and process mail from all providers (PostNL, Sandd, FalkPost and others)
  • You decide how long we store your mail
  • Parcels can be stored via our PriParcel service
  • Easily apply online and available immediately
  • The cheapest provider and a professional service
Overflowing mailbox during holiday

How does it work?

  • Apply for a Postbox, it is immediately active
  • Set up your Postbox so we know how to process the mail. In addition to storing , we can also scan the mail, for example)
  • Communicate your new postal address to all your relations so that they send the mail to your new address from now on
  • As soon as we receive mail for you, we process it according to your settings

Tip: Do you really only use our address temporarily and do you not want to change your postal address? Then temporarily use on the forwarding service of PostNL. Keep in mind that there are extra costs involved.