Nevertheless, it is important to take into account the requirements that the Chamber of Commerce places on your address. It has to be a physical address, where you also have the possibility to work. With a virtual address in the literal sense of the word, you unfortunately do not meet that requirement. However, there are options for not providing your (private) address and using an alternative.

What is a virtual address?

What is a virtual address? The explanation is possible in two ways:

  • Literally virtual address
    In a literal sense, a virtual address does not exist physically. It’s a digital address, like that of a website. You cannot use such a type of virtual address for the Chamber of Commerce because you do not meet the required conditions.
  • Alternative to your own address
    Some speak of a virtual address, but mean an alternative to their own address. You can use our Postbox and even a business address via PriOffice. You will have a different postal address and possibly another business address, so that you do not have to use your (private) address.

Tip: are you unsure between a Postbox or a business address via PriOffice? Think about the goal you have in mind. Do you only want to receive your (business) mail at a different address? A Postbox will be enough. Do you also want another business address, where you could possibly work? Then we can help you with that at PriOffice.

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Alternative to virtual address for the CoC

Are you looking for an alternative to a virtual address for the CoC? With our Postbox, we ensure that you can register a postal address for in the commercial register. You can then use your postal address for business. This prevents you from continuing to receive your mail yourself. Instead, we can process the mail for you in the way you like.

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