An anonymous postal address gives more privacy and peace of mind

Need an anonymous postal address? The easiest way to shield your personal information. And important, because even sharing your address carries all kinds of risks.

Why an anonymous postal address?

More and more people are dealing with identity fraud, credit card fraud, hacked websites, doxing, etc. Annoying, especially when your address and other personal information are found on the street.

Do you want to prevent your address from becoming known to hackers or criminals after an expensive purchase? Or that annoying customers threaten you as an entrepreneur at home? Situations you’re not waiting for. And that you can easily avoid with an anonymous

anonymous postal address
anonymous postal address

Is an anonymous P.O. box interesting for me?

Do you want to receive anonymous mail? Our anonymous P.O. box is widely used by, for example:

  • Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Diplomats
  • Famous people
  • Influencers

In addition, we help many entrepreneurs, who like to keep private and business separate as best as possible. Thanks to an anonymous postal address, which they can pass on to their customers and other relationships.

Tip: order products online or request mail without passing on your name?
You can use your Postbox, with an alias or a made-up name. Than you can be sure your name and address won’t known by others. And therefore do not end up on the street.

Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

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Receiving anonymous mail: how it works

Do you want to receive anonymous mail and are you curious how that works?
We explain it to you in 3 clear steps:

  • Apply for your Postbox
    Apply online, so you will receive an anonymous postal address immediately.
  • Use your new postal address
    Pass on your new address to family, friends and customers or if you order anything.
  • Receive your mail, also digitally
    We will forward the mail to you or will scan it and upload it to our online platform. That way, you never have to miss anything.
anonymous postal address

Anonymous postal address: we do not share data

Are you looking for an anonymous postal address and want to make sure that no data is leaking? At PriPost, we know how important that is.

However, you cannot be anonymous to us, as we need a few personal details from you. We are also required by law to verify your identity.

At the same time, we guarantee that we will never share your data with third parties. Something that we have also included in our terms and conditions and privacy regulations. In there we explain how we deal with the legal obligations. And how we make sure that you can use an anonymous postal address, of which your details don’t just end up on the street.

Are you ready and would you like to request an anonymous postal address?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?
Call, email or chat with one of our employees via the contact page.

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