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Free advertising filter2022-03-16T14:30:38+01:00

Free filtering, because no one is waiting for advertising

There are few customers who are happy with addressed advertising. After all, brochures and leaflets can often also be found online. For that reason, we filter out advertisements for you free of charge if desired. In case we doubt whether something is advertising, we will first send you a scan of the cover, so that you can indicate how we should handle the mail item based on that.

Do you no longer want to receive certain, recurring advertisements? Then we will send this return sender with the request not to send it in the future.

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Questions and answers regarding advertising

How does PriPost know that something is advertising?2019-07-14T16:51:11+02:00

Often that is very clear, for example a Makro folder. If we are in any doubt as to whether something is advertising, we will first send you a cover scan. You can then decide for yourself what to do with the content. We can scan, forward or destroy it. Sorting by advertising takes place before the envelope is opened.

Can I choose not to receive advertising?2019-07-14T16:52:27+02:00

Yes, you can indicate in the settings that you do not wish to receive any addressed advertising. We filter this out for you free of cha