We often get the question from customers: “Is my mail safe with you?” And to that we can say wholeheartedly: “YES, your mail is in good hands with us.”

One of the pillars of our existence is the fact that we do not share data of our customers and that confidentiality is guaranteed, as can also be read in our general terms and conditions and privacy statement. In fact, it is one of the most important reasons for many customers to become a PriPost customer.

PriPost pricesses mail for thousands of clients from more than 88 countries, including lawyers, jurists, administrators, famous people, brokers and many large and small companies. If desired and/or necessary, it is possible to have a confidentiality agreement drawn up.

Secure processing of your mail

Mail is handled by us with the utmost care. Mail is processed in large numbers and there are always at least 2 employees present who check each other. Employees are also checked by us and in possession of a VOG (Declaration of good conduct)

The processes are designed in such a way that errors are minimized. All data, both personal data and scans, are stored encrypted on servers in the Netherlands. This gives the documents extra protection against improper use.

In addition, we use a double verification method to log in. This means that in addition to entering a username and password, a 2nd check is also applied. More information can be found on the secure login page.

Confidentiality of your data