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PriPost offers the best alternative to the P.O. box Cause be honest, a mailbox of PostNL is from a different era. You have to drive there every time, often to discover that there is only an advertising brochure in it… You are bound by opening hours and you cannot receive all types of mail. And let’s not forget, it is expensive! Certainly because we receive less and less mail. In short, we thought it was time for a much better alternative!

Because having an alternative postal address offers advantages. For example, when you work from home as an entrepreneur and you want to separate business and private life. Or when you travel a lot and are not at home often, but want to receive your mail on time.

The benefits of an alternative postal address from PriPost

  • A Postbox from PriPost is many times cheaper than the PostNL mailbox
  • You save time because you never have to pick up your mail yourself
  • You can easily manage all your mail matters via the online customer portal
  • You can receive mail and packages from all providers
  • Registered mail can also be processed
  • If you want it, we will filter out the advertising for you for FREE
  • With one Postbox number you can use all PriPost addresses in every communication and on your website
  • We have representative offices in the Netherlands and abroad
  • We have transparent and affordable rates for scanning and forwarding mail and packages
  • You can automatically forward received scans from the customer portal to specific email addresses and manage them with ‘smart’ folders.
  • Our concept is location independent; wherever you are in the world, you can always receive your mail
  • We never share your data and guarantee anonymity. Nobody can find out the identity of our customers.
  • Applying for a Postbox only takes a few minutes
  • A Postbox can be canceled immediately

In short … what are you waiting for?

Many companies, freelancers, foundations, associations and individuals from more than 50 countries have already preceded you and receive their mail and packages every day.