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This way you can receive mail when you move to Spain

It is often not the first thing you think of when you make plans to move or emigrate to Spain; your mail. Yet you avoid a lot of hassle when you organize your mail affairs properly. When you have left your home country and enjoy the Spanish sun, you are still connected to your home Country. For Dutch natives we offer a sollution (other countries will follow). Then it is nice if you can still receive mail. For example from the bank, from the municipality, or from your insurance company, doctor, club, school, etc.

Conversely, you still have to build up your existence in Spain and it is sometimes not entirely certain how everything will proceed in the beginning. Are you staying in this city or neighborhood? Will a better or cheaper apartment become available? Are you still going to change work? Or do you live with someone and you don’t have your own front door or letterbox? Reporting a change of address every time is no fun at all, but certainly not in a country where you don’t know all the authorities and roads yet … And of course you don’t want to get in trouble because you miss important mail.

Receive worry-free mail in Spain with PriPostPriPost offers a practical solution with an alternative postal address.

Especialy for Dutch people who are going to live in Spain, this is a solution, because we offer an alternative postal address in both the Netherlands and Spain that you can use for all your relationships and all organizations that you deal with. It is very simple:

  • Become a customer and choose your unique Postbox number
  • Use our address in the Netherlands as your regular mailing address for all authorities and relations in the Netherlands
  • Use our address in Spain as your regular mailing address for all agencies and relations in Spain
  • We receive your mail and ensure that it subsequently reaches you, physically (by post) or digitally
  • Is something changing in your situation or are you moving? No worries, because your mailing address remains the same!

Physical or digital mail

Do you want to receive your mail physically? We collect your mail in a larger envelope and send it to you. With the frequency and to the address of your choice. For more information, see Mail forwarding.
Do you want to receive your mail digitally? We scan your mail and upload the scans in the online customer portal. So you always have direct access to your mail and you are not delayed. For more information, see Scanning of mail.

The costs of a Postbox are very low and you decide how we should process your mail. Do you want us to filter out advertising for you free of charge? Do you also want to receive packages? It is up to you!

In the Netherlands we have been around for 9 years and we are now processing mail for thousands of customers. These customers are located in more than 50 countries of the world. Because we were increasingly asked whether we also had branches in other countries, we started looking for international expansion. At the start of 2019 this became a fact with our first location in Spain, Barcelona. More major European cities such as Berlin and Paris will follow.

Also want to emigrate carefree to Spain so you have more time to enjoy yourself?

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