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Returns for webshops

Of course as a webshop you would prefer not to receive returns, but when a customer returns a product, a clear and fast return procedure is essential. Only one negative customer experience can have a huge impact on the image and the number of visitors. A quick and careful return procedure, on the other hand, can ensure a positive experience that is shared with others. This will contribute to more satisfied and returning visitors.

PriPost specializes in customization and now provides the return procedure for many webshops in the Netherlands and abroad. Some advantages:

  • For webshops abroad we offer a return address in the Netherlands for Dutch customers

  • Our rates are much lower than e-commerce / e-fulfillment companies

  • A webshop from home? Keep your home address private and let us receive all returns.

Contact us now and discuss the possibilities for your webshop!

Rates and return procedure

The costs for processing are between € 0.50 and € 1.50 per return item. The final price is determined on the basis of the number of operations that we perform for you, the number of returns and the complexity of the processing.

We are flexible in adjusting, restricting and / or expanding the mentioned actions. We fully customize the return procedure to your wishes and are happy to discuss this with you.

Don’t you have a return procedure yet?
We can advise you (free of charge) and share our experiences. If required, we can prepare standardized return forms for you.

Actions that we can perform for you:

  • Creating a return label and mailing to customer or webshop (DHL)

  • Accepting the return package from the carrier (DHL, PostNL, DPD, FedEX, TNT or others)

  • Opening the package and checking and inspecting the goods at sight

  • Completing the return form on which it is indicated whether or not this product meets the specifications and is in full, original condition / packaging

  • Scanning and e-mailing the return form directly so that you can take immediate action towards your customer

  • Removing and destroying any outer packaging

  • Repackage the goods in an outer carton and prepare them for periodic shipping to the webshop

Questions and answers regarding returns for webshops

What are the benefits of using PriPost for my returns?2019-07-13T12:28:16+01:00
  • Returns are handled quickly and efficiently at a fair rate. We have a very transparent tariff structure. You only pay for the service that you use. Because of this you never pay too much.
  • PriPost is also able to print the return labels for your customers.
  • In addition to being able to use your Postbox address as a return address, you can also use the address on your website or folders We have our own offices with a representative appearance in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leidschendam and Barcelona.
  • We offer customization and flexibility. Thanks to our compact team and entrepreneurial spirit, we are able to offer a suitable solution for almost every situation. In addition, we are easily accessible and you always receive a personal service from us.
  • PriPost is able to arrange returns for almost every webshop. The number of daily returns to be processed is not important.
In what way are the returns sent to me by PriPost?2019-07-13T12:28:15+01:00

Depending on the type of product, the size and the numbers, the returns will be packed in one or more larger boxes (outer box) to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. The products are then forwarded to you together with the return forms. You determine the frequency of this yourself (from immediately after receipt to 1 x per 4 weeks).