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Receiving parcels2019-12-30T12:47:10+01:00

Receive packages

PriPost receives parcels for many customers from home and abroad and there are many advantages of it. For example, you don’t have to be home every time and the Netherlands is a favorable transit country for parcels that come from outside the EU.

How does it work?

  1. You provide our parcel address (including your Postbox number) to the webshop
  2. We receive your parcel
  3. You tell us when we have to send the shipment to you, to your parcel address (at home or abroad or to a PostNL collection point / DHL parcel shop). By default we combine parcels for you in one box, so that the shipping costs are limited.
  4. On the day of shipment you will receive a track and trace code from the carrier. You can add the following options per shipment:
  • Only deliver to home address and not to neighbors

  • Signature for receipt required

  • Extra value insurance

Parcels- what are the costs?

The costs for forwarding depend on a number of factors:

  • Carrier
  • Size and weight of the package
  • Number of packages
  • Package address
  • Shipping options
  • and so on

The moment we receive a package for you, we will email a number of photos of the package so that you can see exactly which package it is and in what condition it has arrived. You can then indicate the shipping options, after that we will let you know a price with a payment link. After payment has been made we will send the package to you.

If you receive multiple packages, we will consolidate this as much as possible in one shipment to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Questions and answers regarding parcels, advertising and registered mail

Is there a possibility to collect my mail / packages?2019-07-14T16:42:43+01:00

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We are not equipped for the collection of mail or packages. This requires other procedures that PriPost cannot facilitate.

PriPost processes the mail by scanningor forwarding it. We do this very efficiently and therefore the costs for this are almost always lower than if you would pick up the mail yourself. This also costs time and money.

Can I receive all types of parcels?2019-07-10T09:31:58+01:00

If you have set this up, we will accept any manageable parcel that is offered by the usual carriers (DHL, PostNL, UPS, GLS, DPD, FedEX, TNT and others). We do not process pallets. You, as a receiver, are responsible for the content of the parcel. If we process a parcel for you, we expect that you are familiar with its content. It is important that you are aware of the list of prohibited goods that has been drawn up by the carriers. You can always contact our Customer Service department in case of any questions or doubts.

Can I receive parcels from abroad and then have them sent to another country?2019-07-15T00:19:57+01:00

Yes, this is possible. Even when it concerns registered parcels. If import duties have to be paid for a parcel, we can pay it from your depot. We will then send the package to you in the manner indicated by you.

How does it work when import duties have to be paid?2019-07-13T11:39:35+01:00

The moment we receive a shipment for you for which a payment is necessary, we will first send you a message with the request to deposit the amount of the shipment in your deposit. If you deposit money within seven days, we will take the shipment and take care of the payment. If you do not pay within seven days, the package will be refused and returned to the sender by the carrier.