Years of experience with receiving packages

For years we have been receiving parcels for many customers from a lot of different countries. Partly because the Netherlands is a favorable transit country for parcels from outside the EU. But PriParcel also simply offers convenience, for example when you cannot be at home every time to receive parcels yourself.

Do you live abroad and would you like to order from a webshop that only delivers in the Netherlands? No problem, we receive your products.
And do you want to order more packages and have them sent together in 1 box? We arrange it for you! We consolidate the packages into 1 shipment so that you save a lot on costs.

receive packages

Create a free PriParcel account

Creating a PriParcel account is free and easily arranged. You can then use the delivery address to have packages delivered. In the online platform (PriPortal) photos are uploaded of the packages that have been received for you, so that you know exactly what has arrived and what the status is. You then indicate in the portal when you want which packages to be forwarded and to which address. You also have the choice in terms of carrier and you can also choose special options, such as insured shipping or a signature on delivery.

Tip: do you have a webshop and are you looking for a solution for your returns? PriParcel has a special webshop returns service, where the returns can be received from only € 1 per return!

More information about receiving packages?
Take a look at the PriParcel website.

receive packages