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Our advantageous rates

PriPost has very advantageous and transparent rates:

✅ The lowest fixed costs per month

✅ Pay only for what you use (scan/forward)

✅ Immediately available, can be canceled monthly

Click here for an overview of all PriPost rates

The most economical choice

We are regularly asked by customers what is the most economical option to choose in terms of mail processing. In the vast majority of cases, the Scan and Destroy Originals option is the most economical (and also the most convenient) option. Look for more explanation on this page.

Payment and invoicing

Payment for the Postbox and mail processing is done via an e-wallet. This is a prepaid system. More information about the payment and invoicing can be found on this page.

Calculate your monthly mail costs

With our Rate Calculator you can calculate your monthly mail costs.

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Questions and answers regarding the rates

What happens to my post when I no longer have money in my e-wallet?2020-11-10T09:46:16+01:00

PriPost works with a prepaid payment system. This means that you deposit an amount in your e-wallet, with which we set off all costs.

Unfortunately, when the balance in your e-wallet is insufficient, we stop processing your mail. This means:

  • that the Postbox is put on STANDBY
  • that your mail is not scanned or forwarded but is stored
  • no registered documents are accepted

You will receive messages via e-mail that the balance is too low. If it is not topped-up, we are unfortunately forced to terminate your Postbox at the end of the month.

Post that we still have or still comes in will be returned to the sender.

How much does a Postbox cost?2020-08-27T17:05:23+02:00

Our Postbox is available for € 5,95 per month, excluding VAT. That means you’re 80% cheaper than with a regular P.O.box. Check out our complete overview of the rates.

How come PriPost is that cheap?2019-07-10T10:18:16+02:00

We have organized and automated our processes very efficiently. With many thousands of customers from more than fifty countries, the scaling-up ensures that we can offer our services at a very reasonable price. PriPost stands for sustainability, a superior service at a fair price with the wishes of the customer as a starting point. PriPost can therefore be up to 80% cheaper than other alternatives, such as a traditional PO Box. We are proud that customers rate us with more than a 9.5 on webwinkelkeur (web shop approval). You can find here a full overview of our rates.

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