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What is meant by ‘the right to be forgotten’2019-05-01T12:49:18+02:00

Individuals have the right to have their personal data removed, when no longer needed. ‘ The right to be forgotten ‘ is to support freedom of expression.

What is meant in the AVG with data protection “by design” and “by default”?2019-07-13T12:12:00+02:00

Data protection through design means that only the required personal data is collected and that privacy features and functionality are processed into products and services from the first moment they are designed.

Data protection standard means that companies must take appropriate measures to limit privacy risks at the time the data is collected, as well as by extending it at the time of processing.

Can I change the address that my mail is sent to?2019-07-13T12:41:13+02:00

You can easily change your mailing address or other settings via the on-line customer portal.

What personal information does PriPost need from me?2019-07-13T12:13:37+02:00

Due to legal obligations (WWFT), PriPost must establish and verify the identity of its customers. We do this by means of a copy ID. This can be an ID card, passport, Dutch driver’s license or Dutch aliens document. PriPost removes the copy immediately after the identity has been established.

Companies, associations or foundations must also provide a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce and a UBO statement.

How does mail forwarding work?2020-01-12T13:56:26+01:00

Mail is processed daily by PriPost. The forwarding of mail (to the postal address you specify) is done according to the frequency you specify (from immediately after receipt to once a month). All mail from your Postbox is combined in 1 large envelope that we forward. You will receive a message at the time of shipment so that you know that mail is on its way. PriPost is always stated as a return address on the envelope. Normally (within the Netherlands) the mail is delivered the next day.

To what extent is my privacy guaranteed?2019-07-13T12:31:53+02:00

PriPost does not share information from its customers with third parties, in accordance with our general terms and conditionsand privacy statement. Your mail is treated extremely carefully by us. Employees are checked and in possession of a certificate of good conduct. PriPost handles the mail for thousands of clients from more than 50 different countries, including lawyers, lawyers, administrators, well-known Dutchmen, real estate agents and many large and small companies. If desired and/or necessary it is possible to have a confidentiality agreement.

PriPost and the GDPR
PriPost is 100% GDPR compliant. Our information systems are on servers in the Netherlands.

Can I change the frequency of forwarding in the meantime?2019-07-13T12:42:04+02:00

You can adjust the frequency of mail forwarding at any time. You can easily do this in the on-line customer portal.

Does PriPost have an office in my home town?2019-07-13T12:11:25+02:00

PriPost currently has three locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam Leidschendam) and one in Spain (Barcelona). Because we process your mail (forwarding, scanning, storing) you do not have to pick it up yourself, which means that the location is not really important. More information about the locations can be found on thispage. With your Postbox number you can receive mail at all PriPost addresses.

I cannot state a Postbox number by an authority. What are the consequences?2019-07-10T15:05:22+02:00

Although rare, in some cases it may not be possible (due to limitations in automation at the relevant authority) to provide additional address information, such as a Postbox number. The possibility for a second address line is missing. Alternatively, you can state the Postbox number in the name, for example: Jan Jansen (R320). In practice, we see that this creates little to no problems. If a box number is missing, PriPost will look at the company name (or addressee) and ensure that the mail ends up in the correct Postbox.

You can find more information about the different options for mentioning the box number on Attention! If the box number is not stated, additional processing costs per postal item will be charged. These costs are not calculated when you have informed us that mentioning is really not possible and we have been able to check this. At this moment we are aware of the relocation service of PostNL and Waternet. Have you found another authority where you encounter the same problem? Then we would like to hear this and after checking we can add this to the list.

Can I still make changes to my application at a later date?2019-07-10T11:16:50+02:00

Yes, this is possible. You can change your settings at any moment via the online customer portal. For example, changing the frequency of forwarding or changing your mailing address is easily done. If you change the primary processing setting (forwarding, scanning or storing), this will only take effect from the next billing period. However, the name of the applicant (Postbox holder) and possibly the company name (in the case of a business application) cannot be changed, because the agreement was entered into with this.

What is addressee and can I specify more than one?2019-07-03T16:21:05+02:00

Mail in your Postbox is received under the name of the addressee. PriPost checks if the name belongs to the Postbox number. This is important to prevent mail from being assigned to the wrong person during the sorting process. You can add four additional addressees to your list of addressees (in total 5) free of charge. A small amount will be charged from the sixth. This way you can also let us process the mail of your family members by adding their names on the list of addressees. If you wish to receive mail anonymously, you can specify a fictional name. For business customers, therefore, multiple company names can be specified.

How much does it cost to forward my mail?2020-01-12T12:54:41+01:00

The costs of forwarding your mail nationally are € 6,50 per shipment regardless of the numbers of letters in the shipment. In these costs are calculated: collecting the mail, bundling into one envelope, labeling, posting, administrative handling and communicating with you as a customer. For international mail the costs are € 11,50 per shipment.

Can I have the original documents forwarded to me after scanning?2019-07-03T16:15:07+02:00

Yes, this is possible. You determine what we need to do with the original documents. For most of the customers we destroy the mail after scanning. Of course you can choose to have the originals forwarded periodically.

Can I first have the envelope scanned before it is opened?2019-07-03T16:11:41+02:00

Yes, this is certainly possible. We will scan the envelope first, so that you can indicate by envelope whether you want to have it unopened destroyed, opened and scanned, or forwarded unopened.

What about the Postal Act and PriPost?2022-09-28T00:48:24+02:00

PriPost is registered with the ACM as a mail deliverer and, like any other company that processes mail, must comply with the law. PriPost attaches great importance to reliability, safety and integrity and attaches great importance to these values.

Why does PriPost need a copy of my ID card?2019-07-10T09:59:05+02:00

Example of a copy of ID card PriPost has the legal obligation to verify the identity of its customers on the basis of a valid identification document. You can upload a copy securely in the customer portal. It is also possible to visit one of our offices to show the ID card in person. PriPost does not store a copy of your ID card. We only note the following data and check it for accuracy:

Example of a copy of ID card

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Document number
  • Type of document
  • Issue date
  • Authority

What ID cards are being accepted?

  • Passport
  • National identification card (NIC)
  • Dutch driver’s license
  • Dutch aliens document

The copy ID must be clearly legible. Also, front and back are often needed when information is stated on the back. If desired, you can cover the photo and the social security number. For foreign IDs, the MRZ code must be visible.

Can anyone else sign for registered mail that is addressed to me?2019-07-14T16:39:07+02:00

Yes, that is no problem at all. If you have indicated this in the customer portal, it is possible that someone from PriPost will sign this on behalf of the addressee.

Can I also receive packages?2020-08-27T15:03:27+02:00

In order to receive packages you need a (free) PriParcel account. The PriPost locations are intended for mail and do not have the ability to process packages.

What is registered mail?2019-07-14T16:33:15+02:00

Registered mail is mail for which a signature must be placed before receipt. This can be mail delivered by PostNL but also offered by couriers from for example DHL, FedEX or a bailiff. When you have indicated this at the registered mail settings in the customer portal, mail is accepted by PriPost. An employee will then sign for it. The mail is then processed in the way you have set it up. It is also possible that you indicate that you want to have registered mail forwarded directly as registered mail.

How do I know that I have received mail in my Postbox?2019-08-16T17:02:08+02:00

At this moment you will not receive a message when mail has arrived for you. However, we always process the mail according to your settings.

  • If you have chosen to scan, your mail will be scanned and uploaded to the customer portal immediately upon receipt.
  • When you have indicated that you want to receive an envelope scan first, you can immediately see what the item of mail is and you can indicate via the portal what we should do with it.
  • Have you opted for forwarding with a certain frequency? Then you will receive a message from us by email on the day that we send mail to you.
  • If you make use of the possibility to forward mail on demand, you will receive a message when mail is received for you and you can indicate in the customer portal when you want to receive it.
Can I register with the municipality on a Postbox?2020-08-27T15:37:10+02:00

No, you cannot use our Postbox to register in the Basic Registration Of Persons (BRP) with the municipality. It is an office location, which you can also use as a private postal address. The municipality does not allow to ‘live’ in such an office location. Moreover, you cannot use it as a letter address for the municipality. You will therefore continue to receive mail from the municipality at your home address.

Why is PriPost the best option for an alternative postal address?2020-08-27T15:41:10+02:00

At PriPost, we keep costs down and at the same time make it easy for you. Because you’ll never have to leave the house to pick up the mail. And with the ability to read your mail digitally and online, so you never have to miss anything again.
Moreover, we are professional and well organized, in order to offer you the best service. Your (private) mail is in good hands with us. So you can rely on a postal address for individuals, where you can now receive your physical mail.

Can I have my mail forwarded to another country?2019-07-15T00:22:23+02:00

Yes, this is possible. We can send your mail anywhere, regardless of which country you are staying.

What happens to my remaining e-wallet balance when I have cancelled?2022-09-28T00:47:48+02:00

The balance in your deposit is yours. When all services in your account have been terminated, you can have the deposit balance deposited into an IBAN bank account. To do this, go to my account – financial. Please note that the refund option is only visible when there are no more active services in your account.

How do I pay my Postbox?2020-01-12T12:59:42+01:00

PriPost uses a simple and practical payment system. You pay through an online wallet, which we call an e-wallet. At start, you deposit an amount of at least € 50,00 through iDeal, Mistercash, Sofort, CreditCard.

When we process your mail, we set it off with the money in your e-wallet. You will receive a message timely to increase the balance the your e-wallet. You can also supplement your e-wallet by direct debit.

Monthly you get a specified invoice containing a clear overview of the costs incurred.

I almost don’t receive any mail, why should I have a Postbox?2019-07-15T00:21:56+02:00

Just because there is less and fewer physical mail, it is advisable to outsource this professionally to an external party. This saves you money and time! A P.O. Box of PostNL quickly costs hundreds of euros a year, and there is still the time you spend every time you go to the PO Box to find out that there is no post at all… PriPost offers a modern and flexible solution where you keep the costs in hand, have a business look, and private and business are separated.

My company is based abroad. Can I still open a Postbox?2019-07-15T00:18:59+02:00

PriPost is for anyone who needs a postal address in the Netherlands, no matter where you or your company are located. If desired we will send your mail to your address abroad. We can also scan the mail for you and send it to you digitally. Another option is that we store the mail for you.

Can PriPost take over the entire mailroom function of my company?2019-07-15T00:21:22+02:00

In this time when less and less mail is sent, it is cheaper to outsource your mail room in most cases. PriPost has the right knowledge and experience. Please contact our Sales Manager for an appointment and a quote.

Is it important that the place where my company is located is the same as the place of my postal address?2019-07-15T00:18:31+02:00

It remains a personal choice, but today practice shows that this is no longer important. Due to the increasing use of the internet, everyone knows that web shops can be created from the living room or that people work in different locations. More and more companies and individuals make use of our service and communicate to their relations that the mail is processed professionally by an external company (PriPost).

Do I need a customer number with PostNL?2019-05-01T12:49:18+02:00

No, PriPost is completely detached from PostNL.

Can I pay on account?2019-07-13T11:55:37+02:00

To companies with a high volume of mail we offer the possibility to pay on account. You pay a deposit that serves as a guarantee. At the end of each period, you will receive an invoice with a payment period of 14 days. We also have the possibility to write invoices by direct debit. For questions please contact us.

Can I establish my company (Chamber of Commerce) at my Postbox address?2020-01-12T13:01:23+01:00

To be able to use your Postbox address as a business address for the Chamber of Commerce, you must conclude a separate agreement with PriOffce for a membership. You can find more information about this at Registration addresses are limited available.

The agreement you have with PriPost can only be used as a correspondence address for the Chamber of Commerce.

Can I use my Postbox as a webshop for customer returns?2019-07-13T11:59:40+02:00

Yes, that is possible. There are now many web shops for which we process the returns. More information can be found here.

What is UBO statement and why does PriPost need it?2020-04-08T15:07:48+02:00

The U.B.O. (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

PriPost is obliged to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) in accordance with the Sanctions Act to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. This prevents people from hiding themselves behind legal entities. The Sanctions Act requires us to check background data of our customers. It is about determining the “Ultimate Beneficial Owners” (UBO) of our business customers.

  1. What is a UBO?
    • UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner.
    • A UBO is is a natural person who holds at least 25% shares or has control over the non-listed legal person;
    • or who is a beneficiary or has special control of 25% or more of the assets of a foundation or trust.
  2. Your company, association or foundation does not have a UBO but a director. What needs to be filled in?
    Do you have the legal form private company, limited partnership, limited company or partnership? Then we ask you to fill in one or more Ultimate Beneficial Owner (s) statements with a 25% shares. Do you have the legal form early childhood education, association, foundation or church society? Then we ask you to fill in the director (s) in the UBO statement. If you have a sole proprietorship, you are a natural person or do not have a UBO with shares of 25% or more, then signing the UBO statement is sufficient.
  3. What does the Sanctions Act entail?
    The Sanction Act is focused on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. The Sanction Act 1977 forms the legal basis for national rules for the implementation of international sanctions. Due to the increasing political tensions since the conflict in Ukraine and the MH370 flight disaster, the European Union and the United States have imposed sanctions against persons and entities involved in this conflict. The Dutch financial sector, including PriPost as provider of addresses, has an important function as “gatekeeper” in the implementation of these sanctions. The regulatory authorities also expect us to do business with reliable parties.
  4. Why is PriPost asking me for the UBO data now, even though I have been a customer for a long time?
    PriPost has not yet registered the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) of all (old) customers. This means that it cannot be determined whether these customers appear on a sanction list. This is in violation of the Sanctions Act. When accepting new customers, we immediately request the required information. For existing customers, for whom we have not asked these acceptance questions in the past, we still need to determine and screen the UBO data against the Sanction Lists. Our supervisory authorities are currently monitoring stricter compliance with the Sanctions Act.
  5. Are there consequences if I do not provide a UBO statement?
    If we do not receive the UBO statement from you, we cannot check the background data. If you do not respond, it may mean that we have to terminate the PriPost agreement. Of course we would prefer not to do it. That is why it is important that you fill the UBO statement correctly in and upload it as quickly as possible via the customer portal.
  6. I have several Postboxes. Is one UBO statement enough?
    Each UBO statement is made for one company. In case you have several companies, a UBO statement will have to be drawn up for each company, regardless of the number of Postboxes. If you have several Postboxes for one company, then you only have to upload one UBO statement.
  7. My company is not based in the Netherlands
    It is irrelevant for the law where a company is located. A UBO statement must also be provided for companies established abroad.
  8. Where can I find the UBO statement?
    You can easily download this via the following link:
    After completion and signature, you can upload it as a PDF in the customer portal.
  9. Where can I go with questions?
    If you have any questions, you can contact PriPost customer service. We can be reached on working days from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. at 070-2210460 or ask your question via a ticket in the customer portal. We are happy to help you!
Is a Postbox the same as a PO Box?2019-07-10T11:48:27+02:00

No, there are even considerable differences between them. We have listed the most important differences:

[table id=”9″ /]

Can I choose not to receive advertising?2019-07-14T16:52:27+02:00

Yes, you can indicate in the settings that you do not wish to receive any addressed advertising. We filter this out for you free of charge. In case of doubts if something is an advertising, we will first present this to you by making a scan of the envelope. We will save your answer to this so that we can take this into account as much as possible in the future.

How much does a Postbox cost?2020-08-27T17:05:23+02:00

Our Postbox is available for € 5,50 per month, excluding VAT. That means you’re 80% cheaper than with a regular Check out our complete overview of the rates.

Is a Postbox safe?2019-07-13T12:08:49+02:00

Your mail is in good hands with us. At PriPost, the employees have years of experience in the postal company. Also PriPost is bound to the law and will treat your post accordingly.

How does scanning my mail work?2020-01-12T13:03:39+01:00

You have the choice that we will open and scan all your mail, or that we first scan the envelopes so that you can indicate whether or not we are allowed to open them. On the day of receipt, the mail will be scanned and sent to you by e-mail as a PDF file.
You decide what to do with the originals. You can still get it, for example 1 x per month, or we can destroy it carefully for you (class 4: Very confidential documents).

I did not receive an email with the confirmation. What now?2019-07-10T12:47:27+02:00