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Apply for a private postal address

Our postal address is very suitable for private individuals and applying is very easy. Within minutes you will have your new postal address available to use. You can have your mail delivered to one of our PriPost locations. So that from now on you can view your mail digitally or have it forwarded to the address of your choice. Very handy, for example if you are traveling (for a longer period of time) or do not have a fixed address.

How does a private postal address work?

Curious how you can use our postal address for individuals? We offer you three options:

  • Get mail scanned
    Digitally view your mail, where and whenever you want? We scan the mail you receive, so you can look at it digitally the same day. Useful if you’re traveling or don’t want to receive the physical mail anymore.
  • Store mail
    On a trip or for some other reason you are temporarily unable to access the mail you receive physically? We can store the mail for you. Until you do have time, with the certainty that you won’t miss a thing. Through our sister company PriParcel we can also receive and store packages for you.
  • Periodic forwarding
    Receive the mail periodically physically? We’ll forward it to you, neatly collected in a large envelope where we bring everything together. Cheap and easy, to receive the mail when it suits you.
Postal address for private individuals

Tip: do you move regularly or do you live at different addresses in the coming period? With our postal address for individuals, you provide your relationships and the agencies with one address, which remains the same.

Little at home: often travelling and still receiving mail

Are you rarely at home or (often) traveling for a long time? With our private postal address, you simply make sure that you can still receive your mail. And you can digitally look at it or receive the mail physically when it suits you.

And would you rather not share your own address with everyone or pass it on to the agencies that want to send your mail? Even then, our postal address is the best choice for individuals. So that you do receive all important mail, without others having to know your home address.

Tip: little at home and still want to receive packages that you order online? Have the packages delivered to your Parcelbox. PriParcel receives and collects, after which they forward it to you in one go if it suits you.

Please note: you can NOT use our Postbox for registration as a residence or letter address (briefadres) with the municipality.

Are you ready to apply for your Postbox?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call us, send an e-mail or chat with our employees via the contact page.

Questions and answers regarding a private postal address

Why is PriPost the best option for an alternative postal address?2020-08-27T15:41:10+02:00

At PriPost, we keep costs down and at the same time make it easy for you. Because you’ll never have to leave the house to pick up the mail. And with the ability to read your mail digitally and online, so you never have to miss anything again.
Moreover, we are professional and well organized, in order to offer you the best service. Your (private) mail is in good hands with us. So you can rely on a postal address for individuals, where you can now receive your physical mail.

What will now be my new postal address?2020-08-27T16:56:08+02:00

You will have your postal address at one of our locations in the Netherlands or abroad. Discover online what your postal address listing will look like. For example, it concerns:

Your name
Keurenplein 41 Unit < letter and number>
1069 CD Amsterdam

I don’t live in the Netherlands: can I use a Postbox?2020-08-27T17:09:24+02:00

Yes, at PriPost we have business and private customers from over 50 different countries from all over the world. So do you stay abroad for a shorter or longer time? Are you going to live there or do you move regularly? With our Postbox you have one postal address that you can pass on to relationships and authorities.

How much does a Postbox cost?2020-08-27T17:05:23+02:00

Our Postbox is available for € 5,95 per month, excluding VAT. That means you’re 80% cheaper than with a regular Check out our complete overview of the rates.

How long does the application of my Postbox take?2022-11-17T12:13:32+01:00

You can easily apply for your Postbox online and it is immediately available.

In the online customer portal you can set up your Postbox. You can indicate how you want your mail to be processed:

  • Scan, forward, or store
    Indicate whether you want your mail scanned, forwarded or stored
  • Whether or not addressed advertising
    Don’t want to receive any more addressed advertising? Then we filter it out for you for free.
  • Whether or not registered mail
    We can receive registered mail for you, so you decide how to deal with it.
  • Whether or not to receive packages
    Also receive packages? We prevent you from having to stay home for that all the time.

Once you have set up your preferences, you can use the Postbox.

Can I register with the municipality on a Postbox?2020-08-27T15:37:10+02:00

No, you cannot use our Postbox to register in the Basic Registration Of Persons (BRP) with the municipality. It is an office location, which you can also use as a private postal address. The municipality does not allow to ‘live’ in such an office location. Moreover, you cannot use it as a letter address for the municipality. You will therefore continue to receive mail from the municipality at your home address.

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