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The UBO statement2022-09-28T00:21:12+02:00

The U.B.O. (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

By providing a (postal) address as a gatekeeper under the Law for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (WWFT), PriPost has an obligation to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of our business customers.

In the first instance, PriPost will consult the UBO register at the Chamber of Commerce to find out the UBO. However, if no UBOs are specified there, we offer the possibility to fill in a UBO statement digitally in the online customer portal.

Do you have any questions about this? The most frequently asked questions and answers can be found below.
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Questions and answers regarding the U.B.O statement

Your company, association or foundation does not have a UBO but a director. What needs to be filled in?2020-07-16T12:56:50+02:00

Do you have the legal form private company, limited partnership, limited company or partnership?
Then we ask you in the UBO statement to fill in one or more Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) (LYOs) with an interest of 25%.

Do you have the legal form association, foundation or church society?
Then we ask you to fill in the director(s) in the UBO statement.

Do you have a sole proprietorship, are you a natural person or don’t you have a UBO with an interest of 25% or more?
Then only step 1 (the company data) and the signing of the UBO declaration is sufficient.

What is a UBO?2020-07-16T13:11:54+02:00
  • UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner.
  • A UBO is a natural person who holds at least 25% shares or can exercise control in the non-listed legal entity.
  • Or is he who is a beneficiary or has special control of 25% or more of the assets of the foundation or trust.
What if the UBO can’t be traced?2020-07-16T12:43:56+02:00

In certain specific cases, a person or persons belonging to the senior management staff may be listed as UBO(s) (the ‘Pseudo-UBO’). For example, if there is no UBO on the basis of shares, voting rights or ownership. This also applies to listed companies. This arrangement guarantees that a UBO can be registered for every legal entity. The designation of the senior management staff is a last resort option and can only be done after exhaustion of all possible means of identifying the UBO and provided that there are no grounds for suspicion, or if there is any doubt as to whether the UBO is indeed the ultimate owner or has control.

For the purposes of the concept, ‘senior management staff’ must mean the statutory management of the client.

What does PriPost do with the UBO statement I completed?2020-07-16T13:02:11+02:00

Actually nothing at all… We only need to check and store it so that we comply with the legislation.
Because we grant domicile (which includes postal addresses), we are obliged to ask you to do so. But the UBO statement is actually intended for financial institutions, which we are not. However, the government has also placed this administrative burden on us, which means that we are obliged to request this from our customers.