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How do I cancel my Postbox?2022-02-23T14:36:48+01:00

Easy cancellation

You can cancel your Postbox at any time. As soon as we have received your cancellation, the agreement will be terminated with one full calendar month’s notice after the end of the current month. During this period, we will still process the mail that arrives for you. If we receive mail for you after this period has ended, we will send this return sender. Any remaining balance in your e-wallet will be refunded to your bank account or credit card at the end of the notice period, via the service payment provider.

How do you cancel?

You can easily cancel via the online platform (PriPortal). After logging in, go to PriPost and click on My Postboxes. Click on “Cancel” next to the Postbox you want to end and enter the requested information.

Note: make sure you have informed all your relations that your postal address will change. In case we still receive mail after the notice period, we can no longer process it and we send this return sender.

Do you also have a PriOffice subscription?

As long as you still have an active PriOffice subscription, it is not possible to cancel your Postbox. Only when the PriOffice membership has ended, the Postbox can be cancelled.

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