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Payment and invoicing2020-01-12T22:21:20+01:00

Payment, invoicing and termination

PriPost uses a simple and practical prepaid payment system, because this way we prevent unnecessary high administration costs. You pay with an online wallet, which we call a ‘prepaid deposit’.

All you have to do is ensure that there is sufficient money amount (balance) in the e-wallet. We settle all costs incurred with this e-wallet. You will of course receive timely and, if necessary, repeated messages when the e-wallet needs to be topped up.

At the request of our customers, PriPost is currently working on a subscription system that lets you know in advance what the monthly costs will be. That way you never face surprises and you know exactly what the costs will be.

E-wallet can be topped up through various payment options:

  • Ideal (free)
  • Creditcard *
  • Apple Pay *
  • Bancontact *
  • Mister Cash *
  • SOFORT banking *
  • EPS *
  • Giropay *
  • KBC/CBC *
  • Belfius *
  • ING Home Pay *
  • Przelewy24 *

* Deposit costs will be charged using these payment methods

Direct Debit

After the first deposit, it is also possible to top up the balance in your e-wallet by direct debit. As soon as your e-wallet falls below a certain amount (a threshold amount), we will send you a message that a few days later this collection amount will be debited from your bank account. This way your Postbox will never go into STANDBY due to a lack of balance and we will continue to process the mail for you.

For companies for which PriPost processes large volumes of mail and / or packages, invoicing afterwards is possible instead of paying via the prepaid e-wallet. The payment term is 14 days and a security deposit must be paid in advance.


At the end of each monthly period you will receive a specified invoice from us. Here you will find an overview of the costs incurred. The remaining e-wallet balance is also stated. If you want to know your e-wallet status in the meantime, you can view this via the customer portal.

For customers with a valid VAT number outside the Netherlands and within the EU, the VAT can be transferred. Contact the administration for this.
Under certain conditions, companies and individuals established or living outside the EU can be billed without VAT.

Termination of the Postbox

You can cancel your Postbox at any time via the online customer portal. This will then be terminated at the end of the current month. If there is still money in your prepaid e-wallet, this amount will be refunded via our payment service provider after termination.
If mail items are still received by you after this termination, we will send these return to the sender.

Questions and answers regarding payments and invoicing

How do I pay my Postbox?2020-01-12T12:59:42+01:00

PriPost uses a simple and practical payment system. You pay through an online wallet, which we call an e-wallet. At start, you deposit an amount of at least € 50,00 through iDeal, Mistercash, Sofort, CreditCard.

When we process your mail, we set it off with the money in your e-wallet. You will receive a message timely to increase the balance the your e-wallet. You can also supplement your e-wallet by direct debit.

Monthly you get a specified invoice containing a clear overview of the costs incurred.

The legal cooling off period of 14 days2019-05-13T11:50:52+01:00

You have the right to cancel your request up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason. You will get the full deposit amount credited. To use this right, you can contact us at We will then refund the deposit amount within 14 days after notification of your cancellation.

What happens to my remaining e-wallet balance when I have cancelled?2020-01-12T12:57:38+01:00

If you have a residual balance in your e-wallet, thit is will be refunded after termination via the service payment providor. An exception to this is when you also use other services from PriServices that are also settled with the e-wallet.

Can I pay on account?2019-07-13T11:55:37+01:00

To companies with a high volume of mail we offer the possibility to pay on account. You pay a deposit that serves as a guarantee. At the end of each period, you will receive an invoice with a payment period of 14 days. We also have the possibility to write invoices by direct debit. For questions please contact us.