A business postal address

Many entrepreneurs who have set up a BV at Firm24 immediately arrange a professional postal address at PriPost. Why? For example, to separate business and private life. After all, you don’t want that one difficult customer to suddenly be at the front door of your home…

But convenience is also a reason to purchase a Postbox. For example, PriPost can scan all mail for you, so that you receive everything digitally. Via the online customer portal you can easily manage all your postal matters. You can create ‘smart folders’ and automatically forward documents to certain people, for example your accountant. Easy, right?


The alternative to the P.O. box

In recent years, many companies have switched from the traditional PostNL P.O. box to the modern Postbox of PriPost. Not only because it is much cheaper, but also because it is much more practical. Fortunately, you no longer have to leave the house to get your mail and even if you are in another country you can still receive your mail. We can also process packages and for webshops we offer an innovative solution for the processing of returns.

Postal address and Chamber of Commerce business address

PriPost has several postal addresses in the Netherlands that you can use. These are representative, physical offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Breda, among others. You can choose which address you use and you will receive a unique Postbox number.

Are you also looking for an address to register your business at the Chamber of Commerce? With our service PriOffice we can help you with that too.

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