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Rates 2022

Unfortunately, we can’t escape it either… implement a number of small price increases as of 1 January 2022 as a result of rising tariffs from suppliers, labour, fuel and energy. But fortunately, we also have good news, because we are also implementing a number of price reductions:

  • Special scan rate
    For customers with an above-average amount of mail, we offer a special rate of € 0,36 per scan.
    When the mail arrives at a separate P.O. Box address or is delivered bundled to us, this can even drop to € 0,25 per scan.
    Please contact us for more information.

  • Phasing out one-off administration costs
    We are in the process of phasing out the one-off administration costs, as a result of further automation. This will be in the course of 2022 when the financial administration is fully automated.

Business mail

The table below shows the new rates that we apply from 01-01-2022.

PriPost PostNL
Kosten per jaar € 60,- € 219,50
Eenmalige kosten € 22,50 Tijdelijk nu € 15,- € 41,-
Contractduur Eén maand Jaarcontract
Incl. kantooradres Ja Nee
Pakketten ontvangen Ja Soms
Reclame filteren Gratis Niet mogelijk
Post scannen Ja Nee
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