Mail processing

There is no other provider in the market that offers as much customization in mail processing as PriPost. In this way we want to meet your wishes as well as possible.

Do you want all the mail scanned?
And all originals destroyed or rather forwarded?
Or do you want to decide by envelope what we should do with it?

It’s all possible at PriPost.

Easily arrange everything online

After your application, you will have direct access to the customer portal. There you can arrange all your mail affairs and set up your Postbox.

You can choose:

And do you want to choose something else at some point? You can change your settings at any time so you’re not stuck with anything.

Tip: you can also change the address to which we forward your mail at any time. In case you move or temporarily stay at another address, you only need to inform us.

Postverwerking door PriPost

Are you ready and want to apply for a Postbox?

Arrange it easily within a few minutes!

Apply for a Postbox

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call, mail or chat with one of our employees via the contact page.