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PriPost offers expat postal service

Receiving mail while you’re not always in the same location can be a tricky problem. PriPost offers an ideal solution, where you never have to change your postal address again, wherever you are. You only have to inform the authorities and relations from whom you receive mail once about your changed postal address. Ideal if you move often or as an expat regularly live abroad for a short or longer period of time. If your home address changes, you inform us, but your postal address remains the same. Much less regulation and much more convenience!

Many expats use the expat postal service of PriPost. We receive and process the mail in the way you want, for example by scanning the mail and uploading it in your portal. Would you rather have the mail forwarded , collected in a larger envelope? That is also possible. You can easily arrange everything online in the portal and we ensure that the mail reaches you.

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Questions and answers regarding the Postbox

What is addressee and can I specify more than one?2019-07-03T16:21:05+02:00

Mail in your Postbox is received under the name of the addressee. PriPost checks if the name belongs to the Postbox number. This is important to prevent mail from being assigned to the wrong person during the sorting process. You can add four additional addressees to your list of addressees (in total 5) free of charge. A small amount will be charged from the sixth. This way you can also let us process the mail of your family members by adding their names on the list of addressees. If you wish to receive mail anonymously, you can specify a fictional name. For business customers, therefore, multiple company names can be specified.

Right of withdrawal2022-09-28T00:43:38+02:00

It may happen that shortly after you have made the application for a Postbox, you change your mind. That is not a problem, because for consumers (not for companies) we use the legal cooling-off period of 14 days. In other words; a consumer has the right to cancel the application up to 14 days after the time of the application without giving any reason. To exercise this right, you can contact us via [email protected]. We will then credit any costs charged and refund the amount in your e-wallet via our service payment providor.