P.O.box in Amsterdam

Looking for a P.O.box in Amsterdam?
Our Postbox is the smart and economical alternative, for only € 5,95 per month. With which you can receive your mail at a different address. Business or private, so you don’t have to pass on your private address to everyone. Or if you spend a lot of time abroad, so you can’t open the mail yourself.

A Postbox is a lot cheaper and easier than the traditional orange mailboxes. One of the advantages of a Postbox is that you do not have to pick up the mail yourself. PriPost will forward your mail to you physically or digitally. So are you in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world; you never have to miss mail again.

Time is also money!

3x a week to my mailbox for free… prices that increase every year. and less and less mail. Now, with PriPost, I get the mail neatly digitally in the customer portal. It’s easier, doesn’t take any more time and is also cheaper!

P.O.box in Amsterdam?

The smart alternative to a P.O. box in Amsterdam

We are the smart alternative to a P.O. box in Amsterdam, of course based on clear rates. With monthly subscription costs of only€ 5,95 and a small amount per scan that we make for you. Or to forward the mail to you, so that you simply receive it physically.

The Postbox has a number of practical advantages

  • Post laten scannen
    Voortaan digitaal jouw post bekijken? We kunnen alle post die je ontvangt meteen bij binnenkomst voor je scannen. Gewoon dezelfde dag beschikbaar, zodat je niets hoeft te missen. Online of via de app te bekijken, ook als je (tijdelijk) aan de andere kant van de wereld zit.
  • Without advertising
    No need for advertising that you receive privately or professionally? We simply take out the advertising for you for free, by only processing the mail that actually matters.
  • Collected forwarding
    Do you want to continue receiving your mail physically? We will forward it to you to an address of your choice. Collected in a larger envelope, so you easily save on costs.
  • Pakketten en aangetekende post
    In tegenstelling tot een postbus, ontvangen we ook pakketten (van alle vervoerders) en aangetekende post in jouw Postbox. Je kunt dit eenvoudig aangeven in het PriPortal.
P.O.box in Amsterdam?

P.O. box alternative: good and cheap

Your P.O. box alternative is good and cheap. For example, to rent a Postbox for your business or to use it privately. With the ability to have your mail scanned and/or forwarded, we make sure you don’t have to miss important messages.

Standard for competitive rates, to make use of it in a cheap way. If you want to separate private and business, if you’re traveling the world or if you’d rather not have everyone knowing your private address. Whatever the reason, we are here for you at PriPost and make sure you don’t have to use an expensive P.O. box.

Frequently asked questions about our Postbox

Is your question not listed?
Let us know. We are excited to welcome you as a customer and carefully answer every question!

When do I choose the location where I want to receive my mail?2024-01-17T22:30:49+01:00

You first request the Postbox and only then do you choose the location where you want to receive mail. You do this in the portal when setting up your Postbox, at the same time as specifying your choices regarding mail processing.

Who will see my mail when it is opened and is it safe?2024-01-17T22:40:35+01:00

We take all necessary measures to safeguard your privacy. Our employees are fully screened and the majority of our processes are automated, so there is very little human handling of the mail. Our systems are continuously tested for safety. Logical too, because privacy is our right to exist!

Is my postal address unique?2024-01-17T22:27:41+01:00

Every postal address is unique because of the Postbox number. In combination with the address of our location, this is a unique address. The address looks like a regular address as you are used to.

Can I use this service even if my company has not yet been established?2024-01-17T22:35:26+01:00

If your company has not yet been established, you can already apply for our service. You can then immediately provide the correct correspondence address at the incorporation and, if necessary, immediately have your private address shielded in the Chamber of Commerce register. When applying, you can tick the box that it concerns a new, yet to be established company.

Can I also apply for a Postbox if I live abroad?2024-01-17T22:22:22+01:00

That’s possible! We have customers in 130 countries around the world, so you can apply for the Postbox even if you live abroad. Because we can scan the mail for you, you can view it anywhere in the world. We can of course also forward the physical mail to you.

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