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The first international location in Barcelona is a fact!

PriPost is making progress. The first branch outside the Netherlands has been opened in the beautiful city of Barcelona!

Our office in Barcelona has now become a fact! The location was purchased and passed to the Spanish notary on Wednesday 10 April 2019.

The location in Spain will be run by Daniëlle for the time being. She has a lot of experience in the service sector and will look for a new employee / entrepreneur who will take care of the daily activities at this location. In addition to Spanish, she also speaks English and Dutch.

Do you already have a Postbox in the Netherlands and would you like to receive mail / packages in Spain? Then you can take a separate subscription for this. This is easy to arrange via the customer portal. You click on my Postboxes and then choose another location. You get a second Postbox (with the same box number) that can be set completely separately. For example, you can choose to have the mail scanned in Spain and to have the mail forwarded in the Netherlands. Payment and invoicing are separated per country.